How to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Do you want to know how to achieve financial freedom?

I have explained what financial freedom means to me. And why I work toward it so bad. I am consistently working toward trying to achieve it. And really so should you to be honest, unless you are satisfied and happy with being an employee like the majority of people until they retire.

But that is not me. No matter how much positive thinking I do for being an employee – it just never helps. The only thing that helps me through work is when I think of it as a ‘stepping stone’ or a ‘means to an end’. I am always thinking of ways to achieve financial freedom and how I can use my employee work money to get me there.

Because let’s face it you need money to start making more money. So get a job if you need one and then be smart with how you manage your finances if you want to achieve financial freedom.

It is not easy. Because there are many other qualities you are going to need to have as an individual in order to be in the playing field of attaining financial freedom one day. You need to be smart, motivated, committed, consistent, have a good work ethic, very focused, manage your time effectively, have a truck load of patience (and then some more), be prepared to learn and do thorough research, be willing to take well informed risks and ready to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

It can be really time consuming and many people just can’t be bothered to commit or don’t have the will power and patience to be consistent. They want the riches without the work that comes with it. And it just does not for the most part work like that. To achieve financial freedom you need to be willing to do whatever it takes and work harder and smarter than everyone else.

What Can You Do to Achieve Financial Freedom?

I have not achieved financial freedom yet. I am still a learner and working toward trying to gain that financial freedom that I want so bad.

So I am definitely no guru.

But what I can share with you is what I am doing on my journey to achieve financial freedom. Whether I ever achieve it or not is another story, but one thing is certain I need to be in the playing field where I stand a chance. Otherwise I am likely never to achieve it if I am on the sidelines complaining about having to work for a living, but doing nothing to make any difference.

So what am I doing to achieve financial freedom?

To sum it up in one sentence I am focused on investing my money into assets and building passive income streams as cash-flow, and I try to avoid and limit liabilities.

That is exactly what I am doing in a nutshell.

Frankly it is what the rich do to stay rich. And if you do not know the difference between assets and liabilities then even if you were to win the lottery tomorrow and become a millionaire, your riches unfortunately would be short lived. It has happened to many people before after winning huge money and having lots of fun, they end up back where they started or even worse off.

Because having money is just the first half – it is what you do with it to generate passive cash-flow that would give you financial freedom in the end.

Another important point I would like to make which might help you as it did with me in not being afraid to risk my fiat currency money that I make. And that is you really do need to understand that fiat currency is worthless to save. Having all your savings in fiat currency would eventually see it become devalued as time goes by. This is simply because fiat currency is printed or digitally typed into existence with so much ease, and there is no end to it. So any savings you stockpile in fiat currency thinking you are storing your wealth would just be eaten away by hyper-inflation, as prices keep sky-rocketing to adjust to the endless printing of the fiat currency.

Once you really understand how fiat currency comes into existence and how our monetary system operates. You would then come to the conclusion that you really do need to invest your money or else see it depreciate. As you don’t have much choice.

This is why I also invest my fiat currency into real money which is bullion (i.e. precious metals). Gold and Silver has always been considered as a storage of wealth throughout history. So instead of stacking all your savings into fiat currency start investing in Gold and Silver instead – which is real money at the end of the day.

To learn the difference between money and currency I recommend you watch the Hidden Secrets of Money series. Remember education is a big part of the process of gaining financial freedom. I was learning about the monetary system in my teens and in my early 20’s I bought my first ounce of silver. All because I educated myself.

Assets Vs. Liabilities

As I said I avoid liabilities and I focus on assets especially ones that bring in passive cash-flow (i.e. money into my pocket).

Investing in precious metals like Gold and Silver is an asset because it has the potential to gain so much more value, while fiat currency does the opposite. However they do not generate me any passive cash-flow. They are just great ways to store and protect my wealth as a saving form. But nonetheless they just sit there and only make me any money if and when I decide to sell any of them.

While I would always invest in precious metals and have that part of my asset portfolio – I also need to focus on investing in assets that can generate me cash-flow, so that it can benefit me right now. The plan is at the end of the day to be free from having to work for money. And to have all my income passively coming in from assets.

Liabilities on the other hand is what many people spend their money on. They work but spend their money on liabilities, which only causes them to have to work even harder to sustain their life-style of expenses. Liabilities does the opposite of what assets do – instead of giving you cash-flow they cause you to spend money out of pocket.

So instead of focusing on buying cars, paying mortgages for homes, going on holidays, buying the latest phones, gaming consoles and gadgets all of which would just suck more money out of my income. I limit my liabilities and focus on growing my assets which instead grows my income. Of course once I have achieved financial freedom I can enjoy spending more on liabilities, but in the beginning starting out investing in assets and limiting your liabilities must be your goal. And never allow your liability expenses to overtake your asset income as you would just end up being broke.

My personal simplified plan is keep growing my assets while controlling my liabilities. Never allow the latter to overtake the former. Eventually when I am earning enough through my assets in passive income that can replace my job salary, and is sufficient whereby I no longer have to work for money anymore or be dependent on others – to live the lifestyle that I am personally comfortable with – that is when I have achieved financial freedom.

If you don’t focus on assets but work for liabilities then you are always going to be poor. Because you would always have to trade your time for money for the rest of your life. Now again, if that is what you’re happy with then good on you! But if like me the thought bothers you then start doing something about it then!

Be smart with your money and start finding ways to make it work for you, instead of you always working for it.

Asset Types to Invest In

There are various asset types to invest in and each have sub-categories and so on too. They won’t all work the same and you would have to learn how the market works to capitalize on each one as an investor.

Examples of asset types include:

  • Businesses
  • Real estate
  • Paper assets such as: stocks/shares that pay dividends, bonds, mutual funds etc.
  • Commodities such as: gold, silver, oil etc.
  • Crypto-currencies

Businesses are only really an asset if it takes little to no time to run, or you have employed people working for you making you money. Otherwise if you are working that business to earn than it becomes just another job – only difference is you are self-employed.

Starting out getting into the real estate market is ridiculous unless you already have a large sum of money to play with. But gaining that capital to invest in real estate is not easy. Many people get into paper assets as they are much easier to get into and liquidate into cash too.

With commodities such as gold and silver to protect your savings you can’t go wrong. The concept is very simple; buy low, hold long-term and sell high.

Of course if you can you should diversify your asset holdings so that you are earning multiple passive income streams from different assets. That is exactly what the rich do. If one was to go south they still have several others all paying them at the same time.

However if you are like me and you are starting out at the very bottom with not much capital, but having to build and grow. Then the asset market that I am focused on now is the world of crypto-currencies. It is a booming industry that is the smallest compared to all the other markets. But it is the most lucrative as well.

After the growth value of Bitcoin from cents to thousands of dollars – it was obvious to me that crypto-currencies is a market that has the lowest entrance cost with the most rewarding returns ever. Bitcoin has performed better than every asset type or class that I know of in such a short period of time too. If I could just go back to 2008 I could be a multi-billionaire today from just solely investing into Bitcoin.

So crypto-currencies is what I am really interested in investing in. And not any crypto-currency but a specific one too. A crypto-currency that is not just an investment opportunity but also a passive earning opportunity too – it kills two birds with one stone so to speak.

This crypto-currency that I am focused on owning and earning is ADZcoin and you can learn more about it here.

I believe investing in ADZcoin will not only help me skip a couple of steps in the cash-flow quadrant chart, but would also be a big short cut to achieving financial freedom for anyone that get’s in at the right time which is now. Through the success of ADZcoin I would have enough capital to diversify my assets and passive income stream earnings.

Cash-flow Quadrant Chart

The cash-flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki basically outlines the ways people can earn money. The goal should be to get from the left side where you are actively slaving away to earn your money to the right side of passive income earnings; having money work for you. That is how to achieve financial freedom.

Investing in ADZcoin is my short cut ticket to jumping from being an Employee to an Investor. And the most opportunistic thing about ADZcoin at the moment is the entrance cost to invest is still so low (just like when Bitcoin was priced at cents). And people can even earn free daily ADZcoins on ADZbuzz and build a free a passive income stream too.

For example at the moment I am earning approximately 50 ADZcoins per day as 100% passive income. My money is actively working for me and I am not actively working for it in this case. And because ADZcoin is also an asset commodity that is designed to gain value in the long run more than it’s current market value at $0.03 cents. This means I am earning a passive income stream in an investment asset. The lucrative nature of such a thing is absolutely insane.

I expect ADZcoin to reach a $1 very easily, and then once that happens it can easily get to $10 and long-term can get to triple digits in value too. So while my 50 ADZcoins of daily passive income may not be worth much now, it could be worth $10+ a coin in a couple of years time. And yes I would have financial freedom then.

In the world of crypto-currency it is not abnormal to see a coin worth cents to then being worth dollars, to hundreds of dollars. It has happened with Bitcoin creating millionaires and many other coins too. In fact ADZcoin is superior in concept and potential than many other coins out there that are currently valued way more than it. Thus it is a great opportunity for literally everyone; and I am very blessed to be a part of it, see the potential in it and then take massive action to benefit from it.

So if you would like to learn more about ADZcoin then click here.

And if you would like to start earning ADZcoin daily for free meanwhile then join the viral news site ADZbuzz.

Be a part of a growing community of financial freedom seekers!

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