How to Buy and Own Advertising Space on the ADZbuzz Network?

Just imagine being able to buy Facebook advertising space for pennies and cents and have full ownership of it for life to be able to advertise and receive unlimited traffic. Imagine being able to sell that advertising space too for dollars whenever you want like an investment.

How amazing would that be?

The truth is if Facebook had such an offer anyone who took the opportunity in buying some of their advertising space for cents in their early years while their user base was still small, the platform still unknown and not yet mainstream – would today all be very wealthy. Being able to sell their advertising space that they purchased for cents for hundreds of dollars or more each.

Now that you understand the concept let me introduce you to the content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz and its network which is offering the exact above opportunity to advertisers and investors.

By the end of this post you would know not only how to buy and own ADZbuzz advertising space, but also how to earn it for free, and even how to use your ADZbuzz advertising space that you own to own even more too.

You would need an ADZbuzz account so make sure that you create one!

The Value of ADZbuzz Advertising Space

The ADZbuzz content discovery social media platform is relatively new and is giving advertisers the opportunity to own part of its advertising space for life.

The price of the ADZbuzz advertising space is linked to the value of the crypto-currency asset ADZcoin. You can learn more about the purpose and concept of ADZcoin here.

The open market value of ADZcoin at the moment is around $0.05 cents per coin which basically means you can buy and own ADZbuzz advertising space for as low as 5 cents right now! And it is pointless to say that the value of ADZbuzz advertising space right now is extremely cheap and undervalued, and won’t be that cheap a year from now as the ADZbuzz user base continues to grow.

In fact it probably won’t be that cheap a few months from now because when the advertising world learns about the unlimited traffic they can get for owning ADZbuzz advertising space for free (because they can always sell it on too) they are going to buy it like crazy and the price of an ADZcoin would go up in value too.

Already nearly 4 million ADZcoins have been exchanged for ADZbuzz advertising space as I type. And I bet by the end of this year 2017 there would be over 20 million ADZcoins exchanged for ADZbuzz advertising space.

Let us take a look at some projected calculations of how much 1 ADZcoin can give in ad-impressions at extremely bare minimum estimations:

When ADZbuzz is able to serve at least 1 million daily ad-impressions (which is extremely modest) and is able to grow its ad-space by at least 100% per year. And with a total of 40 million ADZcoins exchanged for advertising space on ADZbuzz with a click through rate cost of $0.50 per 1,000 views (going cost rate). Then in a period of 10 years 1 ADZcoin can generate you a total of 9,334.88 views. The intrinsic value of 1 ADZcoin then would be worth $4.67.

Bear in mind that advertisers can purchase 1 ADZcoin now for approximately $0.05 cents. And with the above extremely modest projection for ADZbuzz to achieve; one ADZcoin can have an intrinsic value of $4.67 for 9,334 views over 10 years at the cost of $0.50 per 1,000 views.

However a unique social media platform like ADZbuzz gaining 1 million daily ad-impressions is way too easy. As when it goes mainstream after some serious heavy promotions the platform would have millions of users growing viral.

And the projections should look more like this in the near future:

Now with ADZbuzz being able to serve 10 million ad-impressions per day (which is more reasonable) and with an ad-space growth rate of 100% per year with 40 million ADZcoins exchanged for ADZbuzz advertising space . Then in a period of 10 years 1 ADZcoin can generate a total of 93,348 views. And the intrinsic value of 1 ADZcoin would be worth $46.67 at the cost of $0.50 cents per 1,000 ad-impressions.

And to think that right now you can buy hundreds or thousands of ADZbuzz advertising space at $0.05 cents per ADZcoin is an amazing opportunity whichever way you look at it.

How to Buy ADZbuzz Advertising Space With PayPal?

There are quite a few ways to buy ADZbuzz advertising space on the ADZbuzz platform itself.

So if you have not already make sure you create an ADZbuzz account.

Once you have created an ADZbuzz account one of the most easiest ways to buy ADZbuzz advertising space is via PayPal.

Sign into your ADZbuzz account and above the header click on ‘Buy Ad-Credits’

It would re-direct you to the sales page make sure you read it and the FAQ section too before you make your purchase.

Once you are ready to make the purchase then select your package then click on ‘Buy Now’

Remember it is an investment as well as an asset commodity owning ADZbuzz advertising space which you can re-sell anytime you want.


How to Buy ADZbuzz Advertising Space With Bitcoin?

On your ADZbuzz account click on the ‘Buy ADZ’ button above the header.

Follow the simple instructions on the page to automatically buy ADZcoins with your Bitcoin at market value.

In the settings section make sure you tick the box ‘Convert to Ad-Credits’ this way your ADZcoins would automatically be exchanged for ADZbuzz advertising space and your ad-credits would be deposited in your ADZbuzz ad-wallet.

If however you forget to tick the box then don’t worry about it as you can always manually exchange your ADZcoins for ADZbuzz advertising space too on ADZbuzz.

How to Own ADZbuzz Advertising Space for FREE?

This is why ADZbuzz is a superior social media platform and business opportunity because of the value it gives back to its user base.

There is literally no excuse for people across the world not to own some portion of the ADZbuzz advertising space, because even if you have no money to buy it you can still own it 100% risk free by being part of the ADZbuzz community.

There is no other social media platform that rewards its users with such value out there except for ADZbuzz.

I personally have earned over 10k ADZcoin on ADZbuzz for free and there are some users who have earned so much more too. With those free ADZcoins I can easily exchange them for ADZbuzz advertising space whenever I want to. As each ADZcoin is backed by ADZbuzz advertising space which gives ADZcoin real intrinsic value.

There are many ways that ADZbuzz users can earn and generate free ADZcoins for themselves on ADZbuzz:

To learn more about the ways you can earn on ADZbuzz for free in more detail then please check out this post here.

Owning ADZcoin and/or ADZbuzz advertising space can absolutely change your life forever in the coming months/years – and you don’t even have to spend any money on them either!

How to Use Your ADZbuzz Advertising Space to Earn More Ad-Space?

On ADZbuzz there is a way that you can use your ADZbuzz advertising space that you own to earn more ADZcoins passively, which you can then use to exchange for even more ADZbuzz advertising space.

It is simply amazing right?

Well if you own ADZbuzz advertising space these are the following things you can do with it:

  1. Advertise on ADZbuzz for life and get unlimited traffic
  2. Sell your advertising space when ever you want
  3. Rent the traffic out that you own
  4. Activate the Done-For-You (DFY) system

The DFY-system is an option that the ADZbuzz company offers those who own ADZbuzz advertising space. It is a completely passive done-for-you option whereby ADZbuzz would use the advertising space that you own on your behalf to make money from it, and then share the revenue with you as a passive income stream.

The DFY-system is perfect for people who want to earn a passive income stream or for people who own ADZbuzz advertising space, but do not have anything to promote. But at the same time they want to make money from it meanwhile.

The DFY-option is free for everyone who owns ADZbuzz advertising space to use whenever they want, and users can freely opt-in and out of the system as they wish.

People who opt-into the DFY-system would receive passive ADZcoin payments with which they can then use to exchange for more ADZbuzz advertising space. And the more ad-credits (i.e. ADZbuzz advertising space is represented as credits) you have that are opted-into the DFY-system the greater your earnings would be from the DFY payment pool.

To activate the DFY-system then you need to go to your ADZbuzz ad-wallet and place your ad-credits into the DFY-enabled balance.

Any ad-credits in the DFY-disabled balance are what you can use to promote your own stuff, but if you want to activate the DFY-system then you need to place your ad-credits in the DFY-enabled balance. And you can easily do that by clicking on the blue ‘adjust’ button to move your ad-credits between the two options whenever you want.

To learn how to use the ADZcoins that you earn from the DFY-system to buy more ad-credits with it then check out this tutorial here.


No matter where you look you would not find an opportunity like ADZbuzz out there on the market. The innovation and creativity behind ADZbuzz and what it is offering, and how it is rewarding its community is unique.

Investing in ADZcoin and ADZbuzz advertising space right now while the value is still at cents is like having the opportunity to buy Bitcoin again at cents before it sky-rocketed to $5000 per coin.

And to be able to earn it 100% risk free is giving everyone in this world an opportunity to be a part of something huge so that they do not miss it!

If you want a shortcut to financial freedom then start investing in ADZcoin and ADZbuzz advertising space, and earn it for free too. Then share this opportunity with all the people you care about so that they have a chance to change their lives as well.

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