How to Get ADZbuzz Referrals to Earn More?

This is probably one of the hardest challenges people will face when they join ADZbuzz and want to scale their earnings by becoming affiliates and promoting the platform. Many people may find it difficult gaining ADZbuzz referrals, or simply do not know how to or where to start.

Even though ADZbuzz is a free earning opportunity for people to earn daily for simply discovering amazing content to read on a viral news site; and to socialize and meet new people. It still can be difficult for many to gain ADZbuzz referrals despite the zero risk factor involved.

Now before I go into how to get ADZbuzz referrals I just want to mention that I am no expert. I am not a professional internet marketing guru with a huge following. I am none of that to be honest.

I am just someone that consistently puts in the work and is willing to learn and take action. About a year ago I probably did not even understand what majority of the terms related to internet marketing even meant. I literally started from scratch with very limited funds too.

But what I have gained throughout that time is some level of experience that would help anyone starting out as I did; knowing absolutely nothing about anything related to marketing – except for the fact that I wanted to grow my business and start earning passive money online.

I have just been consistent and gradually I started to gain results without having to spend out of pocket (or very little), which I am going to share with you below.

My ADZbuzz Referrals So Far

I like setting goals for myself as it gives me something to work towards and achieve. Initially my first goal was to gain 100 ADZbuzz referrals.

And when I achieved that I set my goal to 200 ADZbuzz referrals.

And now I have just set my goal to 1000 ADZbuzz referrals which I am currently still working towards.

This is how much referrals I have so far:

I have a total of 316 ADZbuzz referrals so far. Still a long way to achieve 1000 but I will continue working until I get there.

In the last 3 months alone I have gained 139 ADZbuzz referrals during a referral competition ranking me 15 out of the top 100 which is not too bad.

As you can see I am definitely not the best, but I do know a thing or two about promoting and I am getting results. Thus I must be doing something right? Don’t you think? 🙂

Some people may look at my results and think it is amazing, especially if they are struggling gaining their first referral. And others may look at my results and think is that all you have after all the work you put in to promoting?!

But when I look at my results I just see progress. Promoting ADZbuzz in the earlier days was not as easy as it is promoting it today, so all the hard work that I put in during the early days has set me up for today and tomorrow. So it is all paying off for me in the end. Especially since I do not have much time now on my hands to promote as I used to, but I am still gaining ADZbuzz referrals gradually and passively.

And I know exactly what I need to do in order to boost my referrals if I want to but so far I have chosen not to.

What are the Ways to Get ADZbuzz Referrals?

There are two ways to get ADZbuzz referrals the fast way or the slow way, or should I say the paid way or the free way.

Now in the beginning for me the paid way was not an option as funds was limited and I really did not want to spend money on marketing tools and traffic – as I preferred to spend my free money investing in ADZcoins instead. So I was left with no other option but the slow way to gain referrals.

Gaining ADZbuzz Referrals the Free Way:

The pros of using the free way to gain referrals:

  • It is free or costs very little money
  • It can be rewarding long-term
  • It gives you a passive gradual flow of organic referrals consistently
  • It can make you become an ambassador in a way for the opportunity you promote
  • It can help you build a following and a brand around yourself

The cons of using the free way to gain referrals:

  • It can be slow and takes time to see results so you need to have patience
  • It requires a lot of effort, work and consistency
  • It can be time consuming
  • You need to be creative, innovative and think outside the box

Getting ADZbuzz referrals the free way basically involves using all free platforms at your disposal to promote ADZbuzz on. It does not involve promoting by spamming people with your referral link as that is just wasting time – and people that do that would hardly ever get results and would only be ignored. Rather it involves promoting through providing value; so it is important that you understand the ADZbuzz opportunity inside out. Only then would you be able to promote ADZbuzz through providing valuable information that helps people out and teaches them whilst gaining you referrals in the process.

If you need help with understanding the ADZbuzz opportunity then take my free training course which would get you up to speed and make you an ADZbuzz professional in no time! Then you can easily start promoting it through providing value 🙂

So what free platforms can you use to start promoting ADZbuzz on:


Creating Youtube Videos about the ADZbuzz Project is an easy free way to gain ADZbuzz referrals. In fact this was how I first started out promoting ADZbuzz through Youtube. As of today my channel has received over 34 thousand views. The good thing about promoting on Youtube is that your videos always stay there, so it can potentially provide you a passive influx of referrals over time without costing you a penny.

I use all free software and tools to create my videos. I upload them on to Youtube and then share them across social media platforms. The only hard part is that you may have to be a little bit creative when thinking of video ideas to make.

But the ADZbuzz opportunity would give you many ideas. Just focus on producing content and in time your channel would grow itself.


Alongside Youtube I would say Facebook has been my biggest recruitment platform for ADZbuzz referrals. There are so many internet marketers on Facebook all looking to make money online – in fact Facebook has it’s own world full of them.

One of the biggest mistakes people do is promote their opportunity to their friends and family on their Facebook profile. And they have no engagement whatsoever or interest from them. That is because they are selling to the wrong crowd.

You need to open up a new Facebook account and turn it into your marketing account – separate from your friends and family. Make sure you join the ‘Work From Home Groups’ and connect with people who are into marketing and making money from home/online. They are the people that are willing to take risks and would be more interested in any opportunity you promote. So if you are opening up a new Facebook account then gradually join groups and connect with new targeted people; not too many at once though or else Facebook would block your activity for a while. Or simply just build it from your main Facebook account – it does not matter.

Another thing is to create a Facebook Page for your opportunity too. This is an easy way to promote it and direct people to follow your page from other social media platforms too. Here is an example of a new Facebook page I created for promoting ADZbuzz on after Facebook closed my old one.

Facebook pages can be like Youtube accounts; whereby you just produce content on it and gradually it grows to be a means of generating you a passive influx of referrals. Another good thing about having a Facebook page is that you can always pay to boost your posts and have Facebook advertise it for you – if you want to accelerate things.


I have not focused on building my Twitter account to promote ADZbuzz on – although I do have a Twitter account for it.

I am not really active on Twitter but I do have my blog posts set up to automatically be posted there when I publish them.

If I was to start focusing on growing my Twitter account as I have heard it is also a great place to promote on – I would simply use the same method as I did for Facebook. Follow people interested in the making money online niche to build and grow my following. Meanwhile I would be promoting my opportunity through providing value via my tweets.


Instagram is another platform that can be used to promote ADZbuzz on and gain referrals. The same concept applies to grow your account and promote via providing value. I don’t use Instagram much but it also has potential. Just make sure to hashtag your posts with all the key words you can think of targeted to the audience you are promoting to. This would give your posts exposure to them.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you want.


Steemit is a decentralized crypto-currency based blogging platform that I use to promote ADZbuzz on too.

I have received some referrals from my posts on Steemit. And what I like about Steemit is that your posts are never taken down and they can also be picked up in the Google search engine too. Plus you can build a following on Steemit just like any other social media platform.

So it is another decent free platform to get ADZbuzz referrals over time if you post regularly.

You can follow me on Steemit here.

WordPress Blog:

Now I have my own blogging domain which I use to promote ADZbuzz on. However before I purchased my own hosting and domain name to have my own blog I first started out using a free blog.

You can see my free blog here.

Using a free blog is a good way to get ADZbuzz referrals. Don’t underestimate it’s potential because it is a free platform with restrictions. I was actively using that blog for 6 months between January 2017 – June 2017 but even to this day that blog is still getting traffic. As it is ranked in the search engines too.

I have received a total of 17,943 views to that blog and 15,617 visitors too. After June I have kind of abandoned the blog and started to focus on this one; however my free blog is still getting traffic throughout July and August.

And most of the traffic to my blog has come from organic search engine traffic so it can really make for a good passive flow of ADZbuzz referrals in the long run.

My referral link from my free blog has been clicked over 280 times and I did not pay a penny for those clicks. All I did was take time out to produce the content.

Also my free blog is ranked third from the top 5 sites related to ADZbuzz according to Alexa rankings.

So if are interested in blogging to gain ADZbuzz referrals – but you are not sure if you want to splash out money on your own blogging platform or do not have the means to – then I strongly recommend you use a free wordpress blogging platform meanwhile. All the content you produce for it can always be transferred to your new blog if you ever decide to host your own blog in the future.

It has definitely benefited me that is for sure.

Gaining ADZbuzz Referrals the Paid Way:

This is the fastest way to gain ADZbuzz referrals but also costs money as well.

The pros of using this method:

  • Faster results if done properly
  • It does not take that much effort and time to set up
  • It can be automated too

The cons of only using this method:

  • It can be costly to always pay for traffic
  • It does not really generate you a passive flow of free referrals

This method simply involves using marketing tools or a marketing system that is designed to help you grow your business. Such as being able to create landing pages to capture leads (i.e. email addresses of potential buyers/referrals). And an auto-responder system too to send out automatic emails on your behalf to your leads to make sales or in the case of ADZbuzz to get referrals.

You have to initially prepare the emails beforehand but once that is done the autoresponder will take care of the rest by sending them out to your leads at the set times you set.

Once that is all set up you just have to buy traffic from quality sources and send them to your landing page. And monitor the conversions and make adjustments to the landing page if it is not performing that well.

And that is simply how it works. The expensive part can be the marketing tools as you usually have to pay monthly for them and the constant buying of traffic. Because a cool landing page without constant eyes on it won’t get you any ADZbuzz referrals. And that is the reality! So if you buy traffic to your landing pages and the campaign ends you would need to buy more traffic to continue getting more referrals – however if the quality of the traffic is targeted and good then you can get really fast results too.

The Best Approach to Getting ADZbuzz Referrals

My aim is to get 1000 ADZbuzz referrals.

Through the free methods that I have built on so far I would probably get there gradually without having to spend money on traffic if I do not want to.

However the most effective way in my opinion is to use both approaches. Build on the free methods of gaining referrals through providing value and use a marketing system too to be able to capture leads and grow an email list.

I have started using this marketing system to promote ADZbuzz.

It offers a lot of free benefits that can help you start getting leads, and is not expensive at all to upgrade to use all the features of the platform too. It has everything I need to promote ADZbuzz with; such as the ability to create tons of cool landing pages, an auto-responder to send out automatic emails to all my leads and much more. I have already started getting ADZbuzz referrals through my landing pages already:

ADZbuzz Landing Page

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in

ADZbuzz Training Course

They are just a few landing pages that I have created already that have gotten me leads and ADZbuzz referrals too.

Now because I have built upon free platforms to gain organic traffic I have just been using those platforms to promote my landing pages. I have not yet even ventured into buying traffic – but if I did I would reach 1000 ADZbuzz referrals in no time.

This is why I recommend that you use both approaches to gain ADZbuzz referrals for the best results. Build on the free platforms and use an inexpensive marketing system too because you are going to need one. And it would give you much better conversions having your leads email addresses than promoting the ADZbuzz sign-up page directly.

If you decide to use a marketing system to promote ADZbuzz then follow these steps to set it up:

1) Create all your emails that you would like to send out to your leads via the auto-responder first. You may have to be a little bit creative on this part, because remember your goal is to convert them into ADZbuzz referrals.

2) Create the landing pages next. Don’t go over board just keep them simple but interesting because your goal is not to scare people off or confuse them. You want to leave them wanting more information about your offer/opportunity, so they would opt-in and leave their email address – whereby your auto-responder would send them your pre-planned emails.

3) Have all landing pages set up to re-direct your leads to the ADZbuzz sign-up page too after they opt-in.

4) Then start promoting your landing pages either by paid traffic or via free methods. Constantly keep track of which landing page is giving you best results and then focus on using that one more instead.

And that is basically it!

And once you start seeing results and earning more money it just gets even easier from there.


  1. Another very good post. Thanks for reminding that Youtube is a very good source because I have pushed it to a side. Just creating blog post and no videos. I should start making more videos in YouTube.

    Thanks once again and keep those amazing posts coming 🙂

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