ADZbuzz Risk Free Earnings: How I Made Over 10k Plus ADZcoins on ADZbuzz?

First of all this is not a post to show off or be ostentatious with my ADZbuzz earnings. That is not my intention at all. Rather this post is to share with you my personal journey to financial freedom through this amazing opportunity that is my vehicle to get there.

There are many people on ADZbuzz who are earning much more and less than me, but that is all beside the point. The most important point is that they are all earning and they are all action takers. Everyone on the content discovery platform ADZbuzz that are earning and working toward growing their ADZbuzz earnings are all winners.

I just want to share with everyone my journey so far from all the work and effort that I have put into growing my business and the rewards earned so far. You can do much better than me you just need to start out by joining the amazing ADZbuzz community then you have taken the first step to start receiving ADZbuzz earnings.

Set your goals high!

Learn about the project and how it can benefit you and others – then simply share it with as many people as you can so that they can also be a part of this great transfer of wealth that would soon come from ADZcoin and their ADZbuzz earnings.

My ADZbuzz Earnings So Far

One of the most unique aspects of ADZbuzz is that it pays people daily for simply discovering interesting content online. There is no social media platform out there that is rewarding it’s users like ADZbuzz is.

Instead of paying people in fiat currency such as pounds, euros or dollars. It pays people in a crypto-currency asset called ADZcoin that can be exchanged into fiat currency.

One of the major benefits of our ADZbuzz earnings mostly being paid in ADZcoin is that we can witness our earnings gaining value over time instead of losing value.

If you want to learn more about ADZcoin then read here and to learn why this crypto-currency asset would gain value then click here.

When you understand the potential of ADZcoin you would see its huge value and how precious owning them are; despite the coins still being tremendously undervalued on the open market. This makes ADZcoins an extremely lucrative value investment opportunity.

Below is a screenshot of my ADZbuzz earnings from the profit sharing system these last 5 months:

On average I am currently earning 40 – 50 ADZcoins per day. The value of an ADZcoin at the moment is fluctuating between $0.04 to $0.05 cents so in dollars I am earning between $1 – $2.5 per day. Mostly as risk free passive income.

Now that may sound like peanuts but only because the price of an ADZcoin is still worth cents at the moment. From what I have earned so far from my ADZbuzz earnings when the value of ADZcoin reaches $4.89 (the value of Bitcoin in its 3rd year) my earnings would be worth $62,000 dollars. And when the price of ADZcoin reaches $828.95 (the value of Bitcoin in its 5th year) my earnings would be worth over $10 million dollars.

That is the power and benefit of earning the deflationary asset ADZcoins in comparison to being paid in inflationary fiat currencies.

In the past 5 months I have seen the value of ADZcoin rise from less than $0.01 cent to remain between $0.04 – $0.05 cents. This means that my total ADZbuzz earnings has gained value from being worth just $123 to over $550.

And I have received the bulk of my ADZbuzz earnings for the most part 100% for free.

What have you earned for free these last 5 months on social media that has gained value from less than $0.01 cent to $0.05 cents and has the potential to be worth tens to hundreds of dollars in value in the future?

In this video I made 4 months ago I clearly show my ADZbuzz earnings back then and you can see for yourself how my earnings have grown since then, as well as the value rise of ADZcoin too:

My ADZbuzz Earnings Cashed Out

People may be wondering whether I can cash out my ADZbuzz earnings.


ADZbuzz has a 30 day holding period before every payment is released. So if you joined ADZbuzz today and started to earn for the next 30 days, each payment would be released consecutively the following 30 days for the month before.

Once the payment is released then your earnings are all yours to do as you please with.

Below is a screenshot of the amount of ADZcoins I have withdrawn (but not sold) so far:

Out of the 11,730 ADZcoins received I have already withdrawn over 10,000 ADZcoins.

This is 100% legit, risk-free and an extremely lucrative opportunity.

Millions of people across the globe can benefit from ADZbuzz and ADZcoins if only they knew…

How Did I Make Over 10K ADZcoins On ADZbuzz?

I have taken action and have been very focused in sharing this opportunity with as many people as I can!

I have taken the time out to understand this opportunity and the potential of ADZcoin and the ways to earn it. I also share it with others and I have treated ADZbuzz as my online business that I need to focus on building on a daily basis in order to grow.

Below are the ways you can earn on the viral news site ADZbuzz:

The good thing about earning on ADZbuzz is that there are many ways to be able to do so and you can learn all about them here.

The most easiest way is simply by logging into your ADZbuzz account daily – just think about it people log into their Facebook account daily and earn absolutely nothing for doing so. ADZbuzz rewards you with a precious asset for doing so every single day. And if you share this opportunity with others by gaining ADZbuzz referrals then you would be able to scale your earnings much more.

I am even sharing with you exactly what I have been doing to get ADZbuzz referrals so you can learn how to scale your ADZbuzz earnings right here.

I want you to succeed and achieve financial freedom with me. But you need to want it for yourself first and foremost. And if you are someone that wants to achieve financial freedom and would like to be a part of a constantly growing community of like-minded people then you need to be a part of the ADZbuzz community as soon as possible, before you miss the boat.

With ADZcoin timing is absolutely everything!

Just like it is with most crypto-currency projects that have created very wealthy people that took action early. The earlier you get in and start earning the higher your returns would be.

So if have not already then join the ADZbuzz community and take my free training course. And share this amazing opportunity with as many as you can that you would like to help, and see benefit financially in the future too.


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