Where Does ADZcoin Demand Come From?

Every crypto-currency that has gained value from cents to dollars to even hundreds of dollars is due to demand. In this article we are going to discuss the factors that will give ADZcoin demand and as a result value increase.

The most successful crypto-currency to date is Bitcoin; the first of its kind. Bitcoin was once worth cents and today it is valued over $4,500 per coin due to demand – with the maximum circulatory supply of Bitcoin being limited to 21 millions coins. In 2016 it was estimated that there was 11 million Bitcoin wallets out there with Bitcoin gaining 1.1 million new wallets every quarter.

The Bitcoin community is still relatively small compared to other major markets, and Bitcoin as a currency has not really gone mainstream yet. However the demand from the community it has and its gradual growth over the years has given the limited currency Bitcoin the value it has today.

Unlike Bitcoin where the demand mostly just comes from investors who buy it – as they are speculating that other investors would also buy it – increasing its value as adoption grows. ADZcoin demand on the other hand has far more angles with a more attractive system that can easily grow a viral community with ease.

One of the main goals for ADZcoin is to make it go mainstream by making adoption of the coin and earning it extremely easy for the masses.

Majority of the crypto-currencies on the market do not have any real intrinsic value as the coin is backed by nothing except the demand that comes from speculation from investors. ADZcoin on the other hand has real intrinsic value as it is backed by an asset of real value; so ADZcoin demand is not going to be solely based on speculation.

While Bitcoin has not yet achieved 100 million daily users – it is very possible that ADZcoin will achieve just that and go mainstream as it simplifies learning, earning, owning and using it for the non-crypto masses. Just like platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype and so on have achieved over 100 millions users – ADZcoin can very well and easily do the same!

Quick Facts About ADZcoin

1. It is a decentralized digital currency just like Bitcoin but has a different concept

2. It is purchased on the open market which dictates its value

3. It can be used to make payments between two people without a middleman

4. It has a limited supply of just 84 million coins that can ever exist in circulation

5. It has a deflationary supply because coins will be burnt and lost forever giving the coins in circulation much more value due to scarcity

6. It is a coin backed by life-long advertising space giving it real intrinsic value and making it a real asset

7. It is one of the easiest crypto-currency assets to ever earn for free by anybody

8. Buying and selling ADZcoin can easily be done

9. At the moment it is extremely undervalued so makes a lucrative long-term investment opportunity

10. It gains value from demand and it is designed to have a lot of demand against a gradually shrinking supply – so there is no saying how high the value can go!

ADZcoin Demand Comes From Multiple Angles

ADZcoin demand will come from the following sources:

ADZbuzz Company:

ADZbuzz is a content discovery social media platform. It is to be the Facebook of content and a great place for people to discover amazing content and news online all in one place, meet new people and earn all at the same time.

The ADZbuzz company shares its profit with the ADZbuzz community members through ADZcoin for free. The company buys ADZcoin on the open market and shares it with the ADZbuzz community members daily.

In order to increase its revenue and ensure every ADZbuzz member earns from the profit share the ADZbuzz company will be launching various online businesses. As the company’s revenue increases so would the daily demand for ADZcoin directly from the company that is dedicated to buying ADZcoin and sharing it.

It is possible that from the ADZbuzz company alone millions of dollars could be spent on ADZcoins giving it tremendous amount of demand and value.

Below is a list of income streams that the ADZbuzz company has/or will have:

ADZbuzz Savers – Price Comparison Site

Services Marketplace – Fiverr Jobs site

Shops Marketplace – Etsy Type Site

Tifostarter – Football News Site And Tifo Crowdfunding For Fans

Website Marketplace – Flippa Type Site

Digital Marketplace – Selling Themes And Scripts

ADZbuzz Freelancers – Marketplace For Projects

ADZbuzz Hosting – Buy Domain Names and Web Hosting

ADZbuzz Training Center – Training Membership site

ADZbuzz Crowdfunding – Pledge For ADZ Projects

ADZbuzz Exchange – An Exchange Platform to Buy and Sell ADZcoin

ADZbuzz Titan – Over 20+ earning opportunities for the ADZbuzz community

And there are many more to come in the future too!


Most of Bitcoin’s value has come from the demand of speculating investors buying into it and holding it, as well as from some merchants accepting it as a payment option.

However investing in ADZcoin is on a whole different league than Bitcoin, Litecoin or all the rest of them.

All investors want to see is a huge ROI on their investment. Every savvy investor that looks into ADZcoin would know straight away that this is one of the best crypto coins to invest in. It is a coin with a solid concept and strong foundation, backed by an asset of value giving it real intrinsic value, and it is designed to go viral and mainstream attracting hundreds of millions of people to it.

And to top it all off the price of an ADZcoin is still in the cents range between 4 – 5 cents at the moment. If you know what value investing is then ADZcoin right now is an extremely lucrative value investment opportunity that can be a shortcut to financial freedom; if you secure them at the current market value.

ADZcoin demand will be huge and phenomenal and investors of ADZcoin will not have to worry about relying on other investors when they want to sell, as there will be many buyers of ADZcoin for all different reasons. And remember the ADZbuzz company will be a huge constant buyer too!

So investing in ADZcoin as a long-term investment is a complete no brainer. And the more investors that learn about ADZcoin the higher the demand would be for it as a result. Because a savvy investor would not bypass such an amazing innovative opportunity. And if the Bitcoin community can give Bitcoin such value the ADZbuzz community and its viral nature can give ADZcoin value with no limit too.

Also because ADZcoin has a limited and deflationary supply (i.e. scarcity) this makes it an even more attractive investment for investors when factoring in the ADZcoin demand it will have. Right now ADZcoin is a low risk high reward investment opportunity.

You can learn how to buy ADZcoin here.


The valuable asset that ADZcoin is backed by which would give it real intrinsic value is advertising space (i.e. ad-space).

ADZcoin is backed by life-long free ad-space across ADZbuzz and partner sites.

This basically means that if you own ADZcoin you can swap it in order to own ad-space on ADZbuzz for life. With this ad-space you can use it to promote your own stuff, sell it whenever you want for fiat currency, rent the traffic out or even activate the Done-For-You (DFY) system; to allow ADZbuzz to make money from the ad-space that you own on your behalf while sharing the profits with you as a passive income!

Let the above benefits sink in and just imagine the demand that will come from the advertising world alone when they come to know what they can buy with their ADZcoins.

Imagine Facebook had a similar system whereby people can own advertising space on the platform for life which they can sell whenever they want. Just imagine being able to purchase that ad-space at mere cents at the beginning of Facebook’s inception before it became mainstream. How much do you think that ad-space would be worth today if you were to sell it on? It goes without saying that if Facebook had a similar system that whoever purchased the ad-space while at cents would all be millionaires today.

And that is what ADZbuzz is doing. It is backing all of its ad-space by ADZcoin. So whoever owns ADZcoin can trade it in for another asset and that is ADZbuzz ad-space ownership for life. And to think that you can buy ADZcoin at the moment for mere pennies and cents is absolutely unbelievable. Everyone that owns ADZcoin at these prices have more or less set themselves up to achieve financial freedom in due time.

Billions of dollars is spent on Facebook advertising. Just imagine how much money would be spent on ADZbuzz advertising via ADZcoin when the advertising world knows they will own the ad-space for life. ADZcoin demand from the advertising world alone can be in the hundreds of millions – do you really think the price of this limited deflationary asset would still be worth cents then?

The ADZbuzz ad-space would only gain more value year after year as the platform continues to grow making the owners of the space see a huge ROI if they ever decide to sell their ad-space asset.

Here are just some stats showing you the growth of the ADZbuzz platform in 2017 which is clearly going in the right direction:

Growth is going up and the price of an ADZcoin is still cents for you to secure life-long advertising on ADZbuzz and partner sites for life.

The price of an ADZcoin won’t be that cheap very long.

Merchants and Customers:

The ADZbuzz company has developed an ADZcoin payment processor called ADZbuzzPay which would easily enable merchants to accept ADZcoins as a payment option.

ADZbuzz will have a huge growing community of ADZcoin earners and holders, so for merchants it would be a very smart way to generate more sales by accepting ADZcoin for payment. Merchants can join ADZbuzz and advertise their products across the platform and customers can get discounts from the dollar value of the product by using their ADZcoins to pay as well.

It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Merchants can then use the ADZcoins that they earn from customers to fund their advertising on ADZbuzz by using it to buy more ad-space which they can always cash out too.

The ADZcoin demand would come from the customers who would buy ADZcoin in order to benefit from larger discounts from ADZcoin accepting merchants as the value of ADZcoins’ increases.

Crowd-Funding Donations:

The ADZbuzz company has set up the most unique crowd-funding donation system ever. Usually the conventional way of crowd-funding is by people supporting a cause by forking money out of pocket in order to raise funds.

However the ADZbuzz crowd-funding donation system has a hybrid approach that would allow people to donate and raise funds by either spending money or for free by donating their ADZbuzz earnings instead.

People will have the option to donate their ADZbuzz daily earnings toward a crowd-fund project without having to spend a penny, or they can donate via a PayPal and ADZbuzz would use those earnings to buy ADZcoins and send them to the crowd-fund instead.

This is how there would be ADZcoin demand as the people that choose to donate with money as well their money would be used to buy ADZcoins and sent as a donation – thus giving ADZcoin demand.

But this unique crowd-funding approach that ADZbuzz has would make it easy for millions of people to discover content and news about the cause they want to support whilst being able to freely donate their ADZbuzz earnings toward it. And this system can be set up for all sorts of charities, projects, and worth while fundraising causes.

And with millions of people coming together donating their free ADZcoin earnings can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars very easily changing the game of crowd-funding in an innovative unique way.

ADZbuzz Community

The ADZbuzz community at the time of writing is still very small relatively speaking compared to the user base of other social media platforms. However ADZbuzz is still a very new platform and the small community at the moment owns most of the ADZcoins at rock bottom prices.

So it is really needless to say that as ADZbuzz continues to grow and when it goes mainstream the people in the ADZbuzz community that have been earning and investing in ADZcoin while at cents will make a lot of money from ADZcoin.

The ADZbuzz community consists of various kind of people that will always give ADZcoin demand for different reasons. These include:

1 – Regular web users who enjoy discovering interesting content, socializing with new people whilst being rewarded at the same time

2 – Opportunity seekers (i.e. people who are interested in earning money online)

3 – Affiliate marketers (i.e. people who want to treat ADZbuzz as their online business and really scale and grow their earnings by promoting the platform and sharing it with others)

4 – Passive Income Seekers (i.e. People that want to earn without having the time to actively promote as affiliates)

5 – Web publishers (i.e. people that produce content online can benefit from ADZbuzz communities, generating more traffic and exposure to their content and also earn an extra income stream)

6 – Advertisers (i.e. everyone that wants to own life-long adverting space across a viral network)

7 – Crowd-funding supporters (i.e. people that want to help support and raise funds for a specific cause without even having to spend a penny)

8 – Investors (i.e. people that see and understand the potential of ADZcoin and the ADZbuzz project and want to capitalize on its growth by investing in ADZcoins and ADZbuzz ad-space for a huge future ROI)

Never under estimate the power of a community behind a crypto-currency project – especially when it is designed to be a constantly growing viral community too.


ADZcoin is unique as a crypto-currency and there is no other coin asset out there like it. Nearly every crypto-currency out there has demand that is mostly based on speculation and have systems that are a bit too complicated for it to really break through to the mainstream world.

ADZcoin is setting things up differently to change all of that.

It is setting up the system to make it very easy to go mainstream with non-crypto users being able to easily learn about, earn and own ADZcoin without any complications. Many people today know how to use Facebook and social media platforms and that is how easy it is to own ADZcoin on ADZbuzz for discovering interesting content.

And instead of demand being based on speculation for ADZcoin it would be based on solid underlying purpose. The fact that everyone who owns ADZcoin today can trade it in for life-long ad-space on the ADZbuzz network gives ADZcoin real intrinsic value – and makes it superior to many crypto-currencies out there that is backed by speculative demand only.

And the fact that people can earn ADZcoin for free too for enjoying content on ADZbuzz and investors can buy the coin still at cents is absolutely an opportunity that is too good to miss.

It really is this simple, when ADZbuzz grows and goes more mainstream the price of ADZcoin and ADZbuzz ad-space would sky-rocket naturally due to demand. ADZcoin demand will come from various groups of people that join our fast growing community and project that will change many people’s lives across the world. ADZcoin is a crypto-currency asset that is designed to solve multiple problems and help millions of people out along the way.

I recommend that you join it now and be a part of this amazing innovation on the right side of the field to benefit from a great transfer of wealth that is yet to come from ADZcoin.

To learn more about the ADZbuzz / ADZcoin project and how you can benefit from it then sign up to my free training course.

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