How to Transfer ADZcoins From Your Earning Wallet to Activate The DFY System?

ADZcoin is backed by life-long advertising space. As an owner of ADZcoin you can either use your coins for the free life-long advertising or activate the Done-For-You (DFY) earning system.

Not only can you jump between options whenever you wish to benefit from either; but they are both free. This is one of the unique and superior things about advertising on ADZbuzz is that you always have full ownership of your ADZcoins.

One of the main goals of ADZbuzz is to continuously improve their ad-servers and grow their advertising space to be able to offer high quality targeting advertising. Eventually to even be similar to the level of Facebook advertising. And remember all of this would be free for ADZcoin owners to benefit from for life.

This is one of the main reasons why ADZcoin will have growing intrinsic value in the long-run. As it is backed by a real world service of value that billions are spent on. For an advertiser alone being able to secure ADZcoins at cents would absolutely change their advertising budget campaigns as the ADZbuzz network grows; and they are able to offer more ad-impressions.

What is the DFY System?

The DFY system is a system created by ADZbuzz to ensure that everyone can benefit from their ADZcoins; regardless of whether they are advertisers or not.

As the name suggests ADZbuzz does everything for you!

ADZbuzz freely off-charge will use the ADZcoins of the people that have opted into the DFY-system to advertise on their behalf or find ways to generate an income stream from all that ad-space. They then share any revenue they have earned from any sales they have made with the participants of the DFY-system. All earnings are passive, free and the user will always have 100% full ownership of their ADZcoins.

It is basically a free passive income stream for people who own ADZcoins to benefit from!

All the ADZbuzz user has to do is deposit their ADZcoins into their Ad-wallet DFY-enabled balance. Once they do that they have activated the DFY-earning system.

DFY-earnings are based on legitimate sales through advertising. Hence, they may not always be received daily but wants the minimum threshold is met they would be distributed. The amount you earn is not fixed and may fluctuate; some days being more than others. Just how income generation from sales is never guaranteed. But the general rule is the more ADZcoins you have stored in the DFY-system the larger your share of the distribution of the DFY revenue pool. Because you own more ad-space.

Of course as the ADZbuzz community grows into the millions the earnings generated from the DFY-system would also grow proportionately too.

Below is a recent screenshot of my ADZ earnings from the DFY-system:

I have gradually increased the amount of ADZcoins stored in the DFY-system. This has also gradually increased my DFY-earning rewards too.

At the moment I have approximately 13k ADZcoins stored in my DFY balance. Since I am earning daily free ADZcoins from ADZbuzz via the other earning methods; I use those ADZcoins or any ADZcoins I purchase to deposit into the DFY-system. Thus, to be able to earn even more.

It is a really unique system once you understand how it is all set-up; and there is no other similar earning opportunity that pays you in an asset of value passively all for free.

How to Transfer ADZcoins From Your ADZ-Earning Wallet to DFY-System?

If you are earning free ADZcoins on ADZbuzz then you can easily transfer those coins from your earning wallet to your ad-wallet and activate the DFY-system.

You can only do this after your payments have been released to you. ADZbuzz holds all payments pending for 30 days before releasing them to you. So if you join today and earn daily for 30 days; you would receive those payments daily the following 30 days.

Once the payments have been released follow the steps to transfer them into the DFY-system:

Step One:

Go to your ADZ-earning wallet and click on ‘Statistics’ under the menu.

Step Two:

Your ‘Total Available Balance’ displays the amount of ADZcoins that has been released to you for you to do as you please with.

I strongly recommend that you use those ADZcoins to activate the DFY-system in order to earn a free passive income. That is exactly what I do!

To do that click on the blue ‘Transfer’ link to move your coins from your earning wallet to your ad-wallet.

Note: Payments on ADZbuzz are released 30 days from the day they have been received. During those 30 days they would be marked as ‘pending.’ And those pending earnings would be displayed above in the ‘Total Coins Owed’ section. Once they have been released they would be displayed in the ‘Total Available Balance’ section where you can then transfer them to your ad-wallet or withdraw them. 

Step Three:

A pop-up box will appear. Enter the amount of ADZcoins you want to transfer.

Note: Do not include the coma if you are transferring coins in their thousands as it won’t go through.

Then tick the box ‘Enabled DFY’ as this would ensure the coins are automatically deposited in your DFY-enabled balance within your Ad-wallet. Otherwise if you forget to check the box you would then have to transfer the coins manually within your Ad-wallet to your DFY-enabled balance.

Then click on ‘Transfer’ to move the coin from your Earning wallet to your Ad-wallet DFY-enabled balance.

Step Four:

In the side menu navigate to your Ad-wallet by clicking on ‘Ad-wallet’ under the ‘Other Wallets’ heading.

In your Ad-wallet you would see your transferred coins in the DFY-enabled balance. And that is it you have successfully moved your coins from your ADZ-earning wallet into your Ad-wallet and activated the DFY-system.

You would now receive passive DFY-earnings in your ADZ-earning wallet whilst still having 100% ownership of all your ADZcoins in your Ad-wallet.

Note: If you forget to tick the ‘Enabled DFY’ box in the previous step. Then at this stage your coins would be displayed in the ‘DFY-Disabled Balance’. In that balance you can use your coins to advertise your own links on ADZbuzz for free. Or if you want them in the DFY-system then you would have to manually transfer them over by clicking on the blue ‘adjust’ link. A similar pop-up box will appear. Type in the amount of ADZcoins you want to add into your DFY-enabled balance and then click the ‘Add’ button. 

If you would like to confirm the transaction has actually gone through to your Ad-wallet then simply click on the ‘Transactions’ tab under the ‘Ad-wallet Menu’.

As you can see below there is my transaction of 500 ADZcoins sent to the Ad-wallet.

And it is that simple to activate the DFY-earning system and start earning a free passive income stream on ADZbuzz!

To learn how to buy ADZcoins and deposit them in the DFY-enabled balance on ADZbuzz which is what I I regularly do too then read this post here. Buying ADZcoins is quicker than going the free route of earning them and activating the DFY-system. And because the price of ADZcoins are still extremely cheap there is no better time to invest in some than literally right now!

Either way being a part of the growing ADZbuzz community is really exciting. And if you have even an ounce of a dream to one day achieve financial freedom then you really do need to be a part of this community, and learn more about ADZcoins whilst earning them all for free. Because it can very well one day change your life if you take action at the right time.

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  1. Hey Miles,

    Thank you for this article, very informative. I have activated my DFY Account and looking forward to growing my ADZcoins.


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