The History of ADZcoin and Why in 2018 Will it Sky-Rocket?

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ADZcoin’s History

I have been following the ADZcoin project and the development of this crypto-currency since its inception in December 2015.

I thoroughly understand ADZcoin’s history and have been investing in ADZcoin as a value investor since January 2016. I have basically got my hands in and have been a part of more or less everything this opportunity has to offer. And have been promoting, supporting and helping people with it too.

The project has evolved and developed so much in the past two years. Doing the opposite to what many crypto-currency projects do these days – by first focusing on building a solid foundation, concept and business model for the coin before focusing on mass promoting it to the masses.

It has become common practice for crypto-currency projects to gain value due to marketing and people investing without actually having anything ready. And this regularly leads to coins gaining value fast and losing value even faster, as there is no real substance behind the coin – except for marketing hype.

ADZcoin had a similar experience in mid 2016 when they promoted just a single feature of their incomplete project in the very early days. It was not completely ready, or even good enough, and has since been long-time scrapped. However, that little promotional hype caused ADZcoin to reach its highest price to date and dropped too, since there was no real substance behind the price rise but hype.

And guess what?!

I purchased ADZcoin at that peak too. Of course, not knowing what I know now, as I have learned so much about the crypto-world since.

There are many crypto-currencies that have a sustained period of hype from marketing; giving the coin an artificial value, without there being any real substance behind the coin.

Apart from that spike to $0.16 cents from $0.01 cent ADZcoin has not really had another one. And has remained mostly stable between $0.01 – $0.06 cents these past 2 years. The reason being is because the ADZcoin team learned from their mistake that it is basically a waste of time promoting an incomplete project.

So during the past two years the ADZcoin development team have been solely focusing on really building the project from the ground up. Giving ADZcoin real purpose and making it one of the most solid crypto-currencies on the market – in terms of foundation and future potential.

This has taken a lot of time and effort, and patience for everyone who has been a part of the project from the beginning. And the value of ADZcoin has been irrelevant during this whole period, as the focus has fully been on developing a solid foundation for the coin to have a purpose long-term. Which would then as a result, give the coin gradual healthy continuous value when the project is mass marketed in its complete form.

What to Expect in 2018?

In 2018 the viral content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz in its optimized and complete form with purpose is going to be mass promoted.

This is going to be absolutely phenomenal and exciting for ADZcoin investors!

We have been waiting for this stage for the past two years.

If a single feature which was scrapped and not fully completed caused ADZcoin to gain value up to $0.16 cents from $0.01 cent back in 2016, then what we have built today is going to create some serious waves in the ADZcoin value.

The price in 2018 through successful promotions could very well see ADZcoin reach $1 in value upwards, and never go back down again into cents. Simply because of the way the business is designed and structured to support ADZcoin; once things start to gain momentum.

I say this emphatically that I have not seen a crypto-currency project like ADZcoin with the way it is set-up, and designed to grow a viral community through an attractive; problem-solving content discovery platform. ADZbuzz would attract so many different people for so many different reasons. And ADZcoin would be the fuel for the whole ADZbuzz economy.

Not only that, ADZcoin is the only crypto-currency that I know of that is designed to have a deflationary supply, alongside a continuous growing demand.

With the company itself becoming one of the main buyers of ADZcoin off of the open market. Usually crypto-currencies have millions of dollars in volume being traded from investors alone, let alone having a business dedicated to spending their revenue on buying the coins in order to reward the ADZbuzz community members and burn the supply too.

Already and we are not even mainstream yet, over 13 million ADZcoins have been removed from circulation for good in exchange for ad-credits (i.e. life-long advertising) on ADZbuzz; from the current small community, and the ADZcoin project starting it off by depositing 1 million ADZcoins into the burn address.

As you can see this deflationary supply system is no joke.

ADZcoin has a very small community at the moment which would grow exponentially in 2018 and beyond during the mass promotions, but this current small community have already decreased the ADZcoin supply by over 13 million in less than 3 months!

Which other crypto-currency community out there is burning the supply of their coin like that?

Once we go mainstream and advertisers and publishers are aware that they can have life-long advertising space on the viral social media platform ADZbuzz – you can expect the supply of ADZcoin to be reduced at phenomenal speeds. As the only way to own ad-credits on ADZbuzz is through burning the supply of ADZcoin.

It is common sense what this means for ADZcoin investors. People that are earning and holding ADZcoins would see the value of their coins increase, as the supply drops but the demand sky-rockets.

And with the completion of ADZbuzz this year and the focus being about mass promotion next year in 2018 and beyond, there is simply no reason whatsoever why ADZcoin will not reach $1, $10, $100, or even $1000 all in due time. With the growth of ADZcoin being healthy and stable, as the user base of ADZbuzz grows, and the company’s revenue increases too.

What are you waiting for?

This is like your last chance to buy ADZcoin at rock bottom prices and be a part of something amazing and unique.

You are literally just one community away…!

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