What is the ADZlink?

The ADZlink is a free publisher tool branding icon designed by the ADZbuzz Ltd. company. The concept behind the ADZlink is to help benefit publishers whilst not to annoy the web visitors.

The ADZlink is designed to help benefit publishers in two main ways:

  1. By helping to give their content more exposure on the viral news site ADZbuzz
  2. By helping to give their blog/website an extra passive revenue stream

Why Add the ADZlink to Your Site?

As publishers we work hard preparing and producing valuable content. It is not easy, and can be very time consuming. Once we have completed are masterpieces we want it to get as much exposure as ever. And to come into contact of as many people as possible. Which is why we produce the content to begin with to provide value and information that it may reach as many people across the world.

No publisher would be opposed to free traffic and exposure to their content.

And it would be nice to be able to earn and generate some income as publishers from our efforts. Most publishers would not oppose to a free passive income stream either. Allowing them to earn from doing what they enjoy; producing valuable content for you to read.

The ADZlink is designed to provide publishers with all of that all for free!

It is a unique, creative and innovative publisher tool that can be added onto your website within moments whilst catering to the needs/wants of the publisher.

Below is an example of what the ADZlink branding icon looks like on a website. As you can see it is non-intrusive, out of the way and will not bother any of your web visitors. You even have the option to place it on the bottom corner too.

The ADZlink tool is becoming more popular by the day with more and more publishers adding it to their websites as you can see from the recent installations below:

Note: Only publishers that have their own blogging domain are able to benefit from the ADZlink. Any publisher using a free blogging domain will not be able to benefit from the ADZlink. This is the only requirement for publishers to be able to add the ADZlink to their blog that they have their own domain name.

How Does the ADZlink Pay Publishers?

Above is a screenshot of my last 7 day earnings from recently adding the ADZlink to my site. It is all passive income which I absolutely love.

The ADZlink pays publishers not in fiat currency but rather in a crypto-currency (i.e. digital currency) asset called ADZcoin.

Being paid in ADZcoin is tantamount to being paid in silver or gold. In other words you are being paid in an asset that has huge potential to appreciate in value due to it having a limited supply (and shrinking too) and gradual growing demand.

Just how Bitcoin was once worth cents and is now worth over $2500 in value ADZcoin has similar long-term potential too. It is a known fact that fiat currency never appreciates in value over time, and constantly loses value as the currency is inflated into oblivion with prices rising. This is one of the main reasons why being paid in ADZcoin is more valuable than being paid in dollars or pounds.

This scenario that you see below will never happen in the world of fiat currency. But can happen in the world of ADZcoin (i.e. crypto-currency), silver and gold.

The market price of an ADZcoin is currently $0.03 cents (at the time of writing). I have been investing in and earning ADZcoin since the price was $0.015 cents and have already made a small profit. However ADZcoin is extremely undervalued and has the potential to easily reach $1+ and eventually double and even triple digits long-term.

In the world of crypto-currency such a phenomenon is not unusual at all. And happens all the time. It is the best investment opportunity today that has out-performed precious metal, stocks and even real estate in their ability to gain huge value. Right now, is still the very beginning and early stages of ADZcoin; so it is the best time more than ever to be a part of it. As in the world of crypto-currency timing is everything. Once the system behind ADZcoin goes more mainstream and major developments in the pipeline are completed then you would never see the coin priced at cents again.

And with the ADZlink you have a free opportunity to earn a very precious crypto-currency asset passively.¬†The ADZlink has an extensive system that will determine the earnings of publisher’s each day based on various metrics. All earnings are paid directly into the publisher’s ADZbuzz account and are held for 30 days, before being released into your ADZbuzz Earning Wallet.

Once released you can either store them whilst benefiting from free advertising on the viral news site ADZbuzz or activate the DFY system. Or you can use your ADZcoins to make a purchase from any merchant that accepts them or even sell them for fiat currency.

I highly recommend that you keep your coins long-term as an investment asset and enjoy the free benefits of owning ADZcoins on ADZbuzz, until the price of the coin really sky-rockets in value. Don’t sell them too cheap, but wait until it is really worth while selling for you. And you would know when that is!

To learn more about the long-term potential of ADZcoin to skyrocket and gain tremendous value, then watch this short video explaining the reasons how it is set-up to gain demand:

At this stage you may be wondering where does ADZbuzz get these ADZcoins in order to pay publishers. Well the ADZbuzz company has various revenue streams that generates income that would be used to purchase ADZcoin off of the open market to then distribute to publishers that are using the ADZlink.

The following are a list of platforms and services that the ADZbuzz Ltd. company will generate income from in order to pay publishers their earnings:

  • Tifostarter
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Web Wallet (already on ADZbuzz)
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzzPay (already on ADZbuzz)
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancers
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting and Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Exchange (already on ADZbuzz)
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals (already on ADZbuzz)

Note: Not all of the above platforms and services are completed and ready. Some of them are still in development but will be used to generate income to pay publishers once ready and running.

How Does the ADZlink Provide Publishers With More Exposure?

The ADZlink allows publishers to have their very own ADZbuzz community linked to their blog on the content discovery platform ADZbuzz. An ADZbuzz community is a place that makes it easy for people to follow and stay updated with your blog content and engage with it.

People that discover and are interested in your content on ADZbuzz can easily join your community and they would automatically see your latest blog posts shared on ADZbuzz in their time-line.

Below is an example of my ADZbuzz community linked to this blog:

The ADZlink gives you access to the ADZnouncer feature that is used to share blog posts on ADZbuzz. Every time a blog post is shared using the ADZnouncer (see picture below) it would be displayed on the time-line of all my community members. And as my community grows more and more people would be exposed to my content and will easily be able to follow and engage with it.

Publishers that use the ADZnouncer would also have their content automatically displayed within the ‘Stream’ tab on ADZbuzz too (see picture below). This is a section where all publisher content shared on ADZbuzz would be displayed for everyone to view. This would introduce your content to new people who are not yet part of your community, but can then easily join it.

Every time someone clicks on a blog post to read they would be re-directed to the publisher’s blog to read the content. People will also have the options on ADZbuzz to easily share blog posts on other viral social media platforms too.

This is how the ADZlink is designed to give your blog a lot of exposure on the viral news site ADZbuzz.

How to Add the ADZlink to Your Website and Create an ADZbuzz Community?

Before being able to add the ADZlink to your website and having your very own ADZbuzz community linked to your blog; you are going to have to create a free ADZbuzz account.

Click the link below to create a free ADZbuzz account.

Note: I recommend using a gmail email address when registering to be able to receive your confirmation email from ADZbuzz. Other email providers such as Hotmail tend to have long delays before the confirmation email is delivered.

Once you have joined ADZbuzz then please click here to read the step-by-step tutorial on how to add the ADZlink to your website and create your own ADZbuzz community.

The ADZlink Solution to Ad-blockers

The ADZlink tool is designed taking into consideration the wants and needs of publishers and at the same time the web visitor as well.

It is an alternative way for publishers to monetize their blog if they do not want to add advertisements on their website, or they can use the ADZlink alongside conventional advertisements.

Millions of web users are now adopting ad-blockers, due to the invasive nature and annoyance of ads displayed across websites. I am one of them too – I always have my ad-blocker activated when surfing the web. This high surge in the rise of ad-block users is causing publishers to lose billions in potential ad-revenue.

This is causing many publishers to scramble for solutions to this problem. Some attempts include blocking ad-block users, trying to sneak ads pass the ad-blocker and even charging ad-block users for an ad-free experience. All of these attempts as you have probably figured will never be a real solution to this problem.

Most ad-block users (myself included) will just move onto another website if they are hit with a block wall telling them to de-activate their ad-blocker, or to pay to gain an ad-free experience. And trying to sneak ads pass the ad-blocker is only a temporary bypass, and not a real long-term solution.

The ADZlink on the other hand is designed to be non-intrusive, non-tracking, and not annoying at all to the web user. Plus it is not blocked by ad-blockers since it is not an advertisement but a branding icon for the ADZbuzz viral news site. It is the perfect viable solution to this war that exists between publishers and ad-block users.

Publishers who adopt the ADZlink would still be able to benefit from ad-block visitors and earn revenue from the ADZlink, without either party having to make a compromise.