How to Add the ADZlink to Your Website and Create an ADZbuzz Community?

If you do not know what the ADZlink is, and how it works then I strongly recommend that you click and read this blog post first to really understand the benefits of using the ADZlink on your blog.

In order to add the ADZlink branding icon publisher tool to your website you need to have your own domain name. It would not work if you are using a free blogging platform.

The ADZlink would provide you with more traffic and exposure to your blog as well as a passive income stream too.

It is a 100% free publisher tool that is very easy to add to your blog. If your blog is powered by WordPress then you can simply install the plugin and add it to your WordPress blog. However if you are not using a WordPress blog then you would need to know how to be able to add direct coding to your blogging platform, so that you can copy and paste the ADZlink coding onto your site.

How to Add the ADZlink Plugin on a WordPress Blog?

Simply follow the instructions below if you are using a WordPress powered website:

Step One:

You need an ADZbuzz account to be able to add the ADZlink to your blog.

So join ADZbuzz by clicking below.

Note: I recommend using a gmail email address when registering to be able to receive your confirmation email from ADZbuzz. Other email providers such as Hotmail tend to have long delays before the confirmation email is delivered.

Step Two:

Confirm your email address and then login to your ADZbuzz account.

Step Three:

On the ADZbuzz Homepage place your mouse cursor over your profile picture and then click on ‘settings.’

Step Four:

Click on the ‘Publisher’ tab.

Under the ‘Publisher’ tab scroll down until you reach the ‘ADZlink’ heading.

If you need an invitation key to access the publisher tools then use this key here:


Step Five:

Find the download link to install the plugin zip file onto your computer.

Step Six:

Go to your WordPress blog back office.

Click on ‘Plugins.’

Then click on ‘Add New’ above and then ‘Upload Plugin’

Upload the ADZlink zip file and then click on ‘Install Now’.

Step Seven:

After the installation is complete click on the ‘Activate’ plugin button.

Then go to your ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘ADZlink’

You would need to add your publisher key and the template ID where you would like the ADZlink positioned on your site.

Step Eight:

To find your publisher key go back to your ADZbuzz account under the ‘Publisher’ tab scroll down to ‘ADZlink’ and select your template (i.e. where you would like the ADZlink positioned on your site) then click on ‘Get Code’.

Then copy your Publisher Key and Template ID from your ADZbuzz account and paste it into the plugins WordPress settings page and then click save.

And that’s it!

Once your ‘Publisher key’ and ‘Template ID’ is set up and saved the ADZlink will now be visible on your site and you can start benefiting from it there on wards.

How to Add the ADZlink Using the Code?

To add the ADZlink using the code you would need to have access to the source code of your site.

Follow the same steps as outlined above but instead of installing the plugin click on the ‘Get Code’ button after selecting your template.

You would need to copy and paste the coding into your website source code following the two step instructions.

Once that is done you have added the ADZlink to your website and are eligible to earn and benefit from it as explained.

How to Create an ADZbuzz Community?

Once you have added the ADZlink to your site successfully you will automatically have your own ADZbuzz community linked to your blog.

This means that only posts from your blog is posted in there and people can join your community and easily stay updated with your content and latest posts from ADZbuzz. It is a really cool feature to give bloggers more traffic to their site and to give their content even more exposure across the ADZbuzz platform. By using the ADZnouncer feature in your blog back-end or within your community you would be able to share your posts on ADZbuzz.

As the publisher you cannot set yourself as the admin of your own community, so at this stage after installing the ADZlink you have one hour to go to ADZbuzz and set a community admin for your community (I strongly recommend that you do). If you don’t then your community is free to be claimed by anyone to be the admin.

The role of the community admin is to just moderate the community from any spam and to help the publisher grow their ADZbuzz community too.

You can select me to be your community admin as I work together with you to set it up, and help grow your community for you, whilst you focus on just producing quality content on your blog. And I can also add you as a community admin afterwards to help work on your own community, since you cannot add yourself.

In order to set a community admin please follow the instructions below straight after installing the ADZlink:

Step One:

Login to your ADZbuzz account that you have created.

Step Two:

Click here to find your site’s domain name on the list.

Step Three:

When you find your domain name on the right under the ‘Action’ category would be a button that says ‘Add Manager.’

Click on it.

Step Four:

If you do not have anyone to add as a manager then add me by typing in ‘Miles’ and clicking on our profile picture.

Once that is done you have set up your ADZbuzz community and we can work together to build it. You focus on the content, and we will focus on moderating and growing your community. And also give you the admin status too so that you can work on building your own community as well.

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