What is Value Investing? Does ADZcoin Make A Good Value Investment?

What is Value Investing?

In my previous post I spoke about the importance of investing in assets and cutting down on liabilities. This post is a continuation as to the way you should approach investing in assets. In fact I am using this very method of value investing as an investor in a crypto-currency asset too (I would talk more about in a bit).

Value investing to sum it up in a nutshell is investing in an asset during the time the market has priced it lower than its actual worth (i.e. intrinsic value).

A value investor does not care too much about the market valuation of an asset when deciding whether to invest. Instead they care about the actual value and worth of the asset based on the business behind the investment and its future potential.

So what a value investor does is look at how the market has valued an asset before value investing. And if they see that the market has priced the asset less than its actual worth then it is a good investment. To determine the actual worth of an investment you need to look at the actual value of the business behind the investment, and its future potential for growth and success ahead of it. By doing that a value investor can decide what they think the fair value (i.e. the price it’s worth) of an asset is to be.

Once you have an idea what you believe the fair value of an asset is worth then any price the market has given the asset below your fair value worth is a very good time to buy.

And that is the concept of value investing.

It is important that a value investor does not invest in something that they do not actually believe in or they are not willing to hold long-term. Because when value investing it is for the most part based on you believing in the value of the company and its potential for growth ahead. And you must be willing of course to hold long-term, despite the low market valuation of the asset, until the market gives the asset its real worth (however long that takes).

Now let’s take a look at a particular crypto-currency that right now makes an amazingly lucrative value investing opportunity.

Value Investing in ADZcoin

ADZcoin is a crypto-currency coin that I have been saying for quite some time now that it is extremely undervalued. I cannot be any more explicit on emphasizing just how extremely undervalued the coin is.

The fair value of ADZcoin in my opinion has the potential to be triple digits in value (i.e. $100+). And that is no exaggeration. In fact if ADZcoin was to one day reach $1000 in value in a few years from now it would not be surprising at all because it is set-up and built with growth in mind.

However for the sake of this blog post I am going to put the fair value of ADZcoin to at least bare minimum $1 which would still be very cheap for the coin when looking at it as a value investor.

Now the price of ADZcoin today is currently worth $0.031 cents. This means the open market has currently valued ADZcoin at cents, but remember the fair value of ADZcoin is at least $1. And I am going to show you just how the market is currently valuing ADZcoin less than its intrinsic value. Which makes it a window wide opportunity for every value investor like myself to capitalize on who understands what is happening and really appreciates the situation.

If you are not familiar with ADZcoin, and what it is all about; who would it benefit; what gives it value; the concept behind it and how it works then you need to read this blog post. It would help put everything into perspective that I am going to explain next.

Also if you think that it is absurd for anything to be worth cents to then be worth 1000’s of dollars let me just remind you of the growth of Bitcoin below:

Bitcoin was worth cents back in 2010 and in June 2017 it went as high as $3000 in value. It has performed better than any asset that I can think of in the period of 7 years. And the entry point for people to buy into it was once so low that any homeless guy with a few quid in his pocket could have purchased some and forgot about them for a few years to be a multi-millionaire today. It did happen with that Norwegian student who made a killing off of Bitcoin from buying $27 worth while it was priced at cents.

Just imagine $100 worth of Bitcoin back in 2010 when it was worth cents would have give you $5 million back today. And that is a reality.

The reason why Bitcoin gained that much value is because of the laws of supply vs. demand. The supply of Bitcoin is capped at just 21 million coins to ever exist, but the demand for Bitcoin has grown from 2010 to 2017 causing its value to skyrocket.

Bearing that in mind let me now just show you how ADZcoin is extremely undervalued making it a lucrative opportunity for value investing.

The Growth of ADZbuzz

ADZcoin is the currency of choice for the innovative viral news site social media platform ADZbuzz. It is through ADZbuzz that ADZcoin has purpose and will have in due time tremendous demand and value. If the current Bitcoin community is around 10 million users today then it is very easy to imagine ADZbuzz having over 100 million users in the same time frame of Bitcoin’s existence.

At the moment ADZbuzz is a viral news site just starting out and has just really started to gain form and purpose in 2017. During the year 2016 the ADZbuzz platform as well as the purpose of ADZcoin was under constant development and construction.

Today ADZcoin as a crypto-currency is still in its infancy and has not even been on the market for 2 years yet; but the amount of future potential it has ahead of it for growth and value is unbelievable.

So let’s take a look at some charts to show you just why value investing in ADZcoin right now is an opportunity for every smart investor that is potentially equivalent to buying Bitcoin at cents:

ADZbuzz Top Referrers

The ADZbuzz viral news site has a lucrative affiliate program attached to it. This means that it would always be promoted and marketed by users who are ambitious and want to earn more than just the basic reward level.

Bear in mind that the growth of ADZbuzz is important to the success of ADZcoin as a long-term investment. And it is definitely one of the metrics that a value investor in ADZcoin should keep their eyes on; so long as there is growth of new users joining the ADZbuzz community then the value of ADZcoin is bound to grow with it too.

Those stats above show the new members that have joined ADZbuzz within the last 10 weeks alone from the date of this blog post. The top 17 referrers have brought in a combined number of 4153 new people to the ADZbuzz platform. Now that list goes all the way down to 100 with the least user in the top 100 referrers having currently brought in 20 new people to ADZbuzz.

From what I am showing you here is that ADZbuzz is designed to be a viral platform. There would always be an increasing number of people that would always promote it. And this is powerful for the ADZcoin community. In just 10 weeks thousands of people have been joining the ADZbuzz platform where they can earn free ADZcoins and learn about it’s concept, and this is just only the beginning when it comes to growth of the ADZbuzz user base.

ADZbuzz Forum Stats

The ADZbuzz Forum is a new platform connected to ADZbuzz where people can ask questions, discuss topics and read updates etc.

It is where the community mostly hangs out to discuss ADZbuzz, ADZcoin and related topics.

Since the forum has been launched it has received gradual growth in active members. Most ADZbuzz users do not realize that we have a forum and that they can use their same login details to also join the forum too, so it’s growth is slower than ADZbuzz. However nonetheless more users are gradually becoming active within the forum by the day.

This is just another sign showing growth within the ADZbuzz community.

ADZbuzz Alexa Ranking

The ADZbuzz Alexa ranking is another solid indication of growth too. The Alexa ranking shows how popular your site is based on visitors and page views. For example a site like Facebook is ranked number 3 in the world.

I remember last year some time ADZbuzz was ranked a few hundred thousand. Today it is ranked within the top 100,000 sites in the world at 62,296.

It is not too bad at all considering where we are now less than two years in existence with 2017 being the year things started to take shape within the project. ADZbuzz is gaining higher rankings by the day and it won’t be long before it eventually reaches the top 1000 sites in the world.

The below chart shows you ADZbuzz’s ranking performance these last couple of months. As you can see it correlates with the growth of the new users joining the platform too.

ADZbuzz Site Value on Siteworthtraffic.com

The ADZbuzz domain also has a site worth valuation based on it’s traffic that it receives of $37 k dollars. This site worth valuation has been growing gradually this last month too, which is another good positive indication of growth within the ADZbuzz community.

The Market Valuation of ADZcoin

Now if you understand the concept of value investing. This is where things get really interesting! In fact it makes me excited and I feel sorry for people talking about hoping to win the lottery when they have better opportunities like this.

I have shown you how the business behind the crypto-currency ADZcoin is moving in the right direction and gradually growing. And this is exactly what the value investor is interested in and focuses on. The future potential growth of the business is key not the price of the investment when investing as a value investor.

Many people do not understand that concept of value investing unfortunately, and they are solely hooked on the price and lose out in the end; because they had short vision with no patience and could not see the bigger picture.

However let’s look at the market valuation of ADZcoin today:

ADZcoin Price History

Above is a chart showing you the price of ADZcoin from it’s inception until today. I deliberately placed a window starting from January 2017 as that is the period where the project started for me. Before that was a lot of brainstorming to give ADZcoin a real purpose through ADZbuzz.

From the chart the starting price of ADZcoin was $0.01 cent and today the value of ADZcoin is just $0.03 cents. ADZcoin for the most part has always remained between 1-5 cents in value. And now the market value tends to hang within the 3 cents range. As you can see ADZcoin has not really gained any significant value from it’s inception of $0.01 cent, despite the fact that so much development and growth has happened within the project during 2016/2017.

The only spike growth it has ever had was in April 2016 when the coin reached as high as $0.16 cents during the brainstorming era. The reason behind that spike was the possible excitement and hype about a development that was scrapped for not being good enough, however the project has improved leagues since but the price has not yet reflected it at all.

Remember how a value investor sees opportunity. Keep that in mind when looking at the market valuation of ADZcoin today in comparison to it’s actual worth.

The fair value price of an ADZcoin today at the most extremely modest estimate should be $1 already. The fact that the market has not yet given it that value are the sought of opportunities value investors are looking for.

ADZcoin Volume

The ADZcoin daily volume is still very low which is an indication of the total amount of ADZcoin transactions in 24 hours.

This is not a bad thing at all when value investing. All it indicates is that the market has not yet woken up to give ADZcoin its true value yet. And because the business behind ADZcoin is gradually growing which is the signs value investors look out for – it is really just a matter of time that the daily volume would increase and so would the value of ADZcoin.

I cannot emphasize enough how the market valuation of ADZcoin is extremely undervalued right now. It is really a golden opportunity being able to still buy ADZcoins at mere cents, still so close to the value of it’s inception of $0.01 cent.

ADZcoin Rank on Coinmarketcap.com

The rank of ADZcoin on coinmarketcap has been dropping.

The ranking is based on the market cap of ADZcoins (i.e. the total dollar market value of the ADZcoin market). Because the price of ADZcoin is still so low the market cap is too.

But nothing to worry about in reality as ADZcoin can be in the top 10 easily once the value of the coin rises. However this is just a further point to illustrate how ADZcoin is really undervalued.

ADZcoin’s Future Potential

Instead of talking about the potential of ADZcoin as I have released so much information on the topic. I am just going to leave you with an excerpt from the most recent update on where we are heading by CEO of the project himself. He basically sums it up real nice below:

The scope of the ADZbuzz/ADZcoin project is ever expanding, but it’s fair to say that the next round of developments (Titan and Tifostarter) are probably the most crucial developments of all. It will help us expand our project, build upon everything we have already and fully utilize all angles we have been working on the last 1+ year.

To give an overview of what we have and/or will complete in the future:

-> ADZbuzz – Content discovery platform
-> ADZbuzz ads – Advertise for free using ADZcoin ad wallet
-> ADZbuzz DFY ads – Let us advertise and earn daily ADZ
-> ADZbuzz communities – Help publishers grow their audience
-> ADZbuzz lounge – Facebook type timeline
-> ADZbuzz social timeline – See what content your friends shared
-> ADZlink – Small icon that pays publishers just as regular ads
-> ADZnouncer – Post your new content on ADZbuzz easily
-> ADZbuzz publishers – Native ad network integrated into ADZbuzz
-> ADZbuzzer – Social share feature just as facebook, twitter etc.
-> ADZbuzz web wallet – Securely store your coins on ADZbuzz
-> ADZbuzz profit share – Get paid daily to login to ADZbuzz
-> Referral system – Get paid more to refer others to ADZbuzz
-> Referral contest – Earn VIP spots by referring members that buy ADZ
-> ADZbuzz exchange – Buy ADZ on ADZbuzz in 3 steps automatically (sell walls coming as well)
-> ADZbuzz forum – Discussion forum connected to ADZbuzz
-> ADZbuzz Services – Fiverr-like services marketplace
-> ADZbuzz Titan – Earn from more than 20 opportunities every day
-> ADZbuzz Tifostarter – Raise funds for your favorite football team
-> ADZbuzz Pay – Payment gateway similar to Coinpayments.net
-> Automated ADZ discounts – Connected ADZ wallet to ADZbuzz Pay to get discounts in ADZcoin accepting shops
-> ADZbuzz Shop market – Etsy-like site focusing on ADZcoin accepting merchants
-> ADZbuzz Savers – Price comparison site
-> ADZbuzz hosting
-> ADZbuzz indirect donations – Cutting the ADZcoin supply daily to gradually grow the price
-> 55K+ ADZbuzz members – About 10% active and logging in daily
-> Many more small features on ADZbuzz. 

All the things on the list that aren’t ready yet will be completed and with our unique ever-expanding system our project is bound to succeed. We are now on the verge of starting to buy ADZcoin to kickstart our system. The next phase will be to expand our team, and replicate our system in numerous ways so web publishers, advertisers, ADZbuzz users, People raising money and regular internet users will benefit from our amazing project!


Let me tell you this I have been part of this project when there was nothing really there except an idea. And I have watched the idea evolve and the project come to life. The admin behind this project means business. He does exactly what he says. He is building something big and unique with the ADZbuzz project.

The fact that ADZcoin is still at a few cents is absurd.

As a value investment it is a complete no brainer. There are numerous other crypto-currency coins on the market that has nothing behind them to give them any real long-term value except promotional hype and they are currently valued way more than ADZcoins.

The ADZbuzz project on the other hand is focusing on building a real community and real value behind the crypto-currency ADZcoin. They have not even started any heavy promotions, but yet their community is growing. ADZcoin is being designed to be a long-term asset that would always gradually gain value. It is doing something different than many other crypto-coins on the market that gain huge value from promotional hype and heavy marketing; without having any real substance behind them. As a result the value of their coins anytime unexpectedly tremendously falls because the market over valuated the worth of the coin to begin with.

In contrast ADZcoin is doing everything in reverse. They are building a solid foundation and system for their coin first which takes time. They created a system whereby the community would always promote it and market it. And once everything is ready then they can always focus on the heavy marketing campaigns to bring the droves in. And unlike the set-up of the other coins when the market gives ADZcoin its actual worth (which should be in dollars already), from there on wards the value would only increase. Because the system is designed and set-up that way for ADZcoin.

Value investing in ADZcoin right now while the market has extremely undervalued the coin, despite the growth that is occurring is a window of opportunity that is gradually closing. Once it closes you would likely never be able to secure ADZcoin ever again at cents. Just like you would never likely be able to buy Bitcoin ever again at cents.

This is why I continually value invest in ADZcoins. If you want to get rich then you need to think like the rich. The rich do not shy away from opportunity but they pounce on it. And right now ADZcoin as a value investing opportunity for people that take action could potentially change their lives forever. You need to seize it with no regrets!

Many people do not understand the concept of value investing. I cannot tell you the amount of people I have seen these last couple of years that complain about the ADZcoin price being so low; they would also likely be the same people that would regret not buying more when it takes off. I know people that have sold their coins because the price of ADZcoin is taking too long to rise for them; they would be the people that regret being so impatient the most for having sold their ADZcoins at pennies.

But the truth of the matter is if any of them really understood the concept of value investing they would not complain and the thought of selling their coins would never cross their minds – let alone actually doing it. Instead they would know that ADZcoin is extremely undervalued by the market and now is the time to keep buying continuously. For value investors this is not the selling phase but the buying phase. And they would also know that they must hold onto their coins long-term, not months but years, no matter how long it takes. Because so long as there is growth, developments and improvements within the project the market would eventually give the coin it’s real value.

The impatient mindset of seeing ADZcoin as a quick get rich within a month coin is the wrong attitude to have with this project. And unfortunately that attitude is going to cost so much people a lot of money. ADZcoin is not like the numerous hyped coins on the market and should not be compared to them – one minute they have high value and then the next minute unexpectedly they lose it.

If you really understand the potential of ADZcoin you would know that even when ADZcoin reaches $10 in value that the market valuation is still low, as it can reach $100+ in value if you have the patience to hold them long enough.

And if you cannot afford to buy ADZcoins at the moment then you can still earn a lot of them for free on ADZbuzz. I have currently earned thousands of ADZcoins for free on ADZbuzz and you can earn earn even more. The only thing you need to be willing to do is take action, and there is no time like the present when presented with an amazing opportunity to do so.

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