What is Financial Freedom?

There are many people in society today that have no idea of the concept of financial freedom. The meaning behind those two words are lost on them in thought and action.

However strangely enough, they fully understand the concept of going through education. Getting good grades. Securing a good job. Taking out a mortgage to buy a home which is a liability. Paying off the mortgage for the most part of their life, until eventually they reach retirement age and live off their pension at around 70 years old.

That above cycle for the most part is ingrained in us throughout our childhood from our society. We all mostly have that employee mindset; working up the ladder for a larger fixed pay-check. Now there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, if that is what you are happy doing with your time. But from all the jobs that I have been in many of my colleagues complained about work in general. Did not really want to be there. And really looked forward to Friday’s, and that one holiday they booked every year to get away from work.

In fact that two or three weeks paid annual leave that they book off to go on holiday, is as close as it gets for many people every year to just have a little taste of what a financial freedom life can offer. But for a full time financial freedom life-style they have to look forward to their pension at 70.

But despite everything, the irony is no action on their part is being done to attain financial freedom. Is it because they have become complacent?

No, I don’t think so. Well not everyone anyways.

I think many people just do not understand what financial freedom is, or even how to attain it. It is lost on them. Since the education system does not really encourage it, then it is left to your parents to instill it in you; but they may be none the wiser. If that is the case then you are left with hopefully having a friend who can enlighten you. Or Google to educate yourself. But first you need to come to the realization that you want to attain financial freedom, before you would even venture into Google.

So the chances are pretty bleak that you would seek out to attain financial freedom and go against the norm of the employee mindset.

So what is financial freedom then?

Many people may think being extremely rich and having millions of pounds is financial freedom. Hence, is why they think they can never achieve it in their life-time, unless they win the lottery. Ironically enough that is as far as most go to attempt to attain financial freedom by playing the lottery. Again, could that be because that is the only way they know how?

Well financial freedom is not necessarily just becoming rich or having a lot of money. If that is financial freedom then these guys messed up big time.

Financial freedom to me is simply having a passive income, whereby I have freedom of time to live the lifestyle that comfortably suits me; without having to work, be in debt or dependent on anyone else.

That is ‘financial freedom’ in a nutshell. Does one have to be a millionaire to achieve that? Of course not.

Just imagine earning your yearly salary that you work for now as a passive income. How much would that change your life? You would be richer in so many ways than people who earn the same as you, or even more than you but have to continually work for it.

A passive income sounds amazing, right? But how can we attain financial freedom then?

And that is what I am on a journey to try to achieve. Because I can’t stand getting up early in the morning having to get ready to go to work. I can’t stand giving up my precious time doing something I really do not want to do. And the thought of doing it like everyone else up until the age of retirement is extremely depressing – looking forward to the weekends – what kind of life is that?

If that is your thing then congratulations to you! But it’s not mine. However rather than be like the majority of people that complain day in and day out about their life, and hope that one day they win big in the lottery – then I don’t do that either.

I am willing to work hard to achieve financial freedom and do whatever it takes. Even if it means managing my finances and living on an extreme tight budget; working hard and learning while people waste time and complain; taking informed risks and investing my money in assets while people spend on liabilities; managing my finances and not live beyond my means, by taking out loans like the majority of society these days.

It is not easy. But to obtain financial freedom would make every effort that I put in prior to it 100% worth it!

And the fact that we have started (if you have already) makes us leagues ahead of people who sadly still have no real understanding of what financial freedom really is.

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