What is ADZcoin?

ADZcoin is an extremely undervalued crypto-currency (i.e. digital currency) asset designed to have long-term increasing demand, a continuous shrinking supply and a viral fast constantly growing community.

For people who are not familiar with the concept of crypto-currencies and have never heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first ever crypto-currency to be introduced onto the market. Imagine it as just another currency that enables people to make payments to each other. The difference between Bitcoin and fiat currencies however, is that the former is decentralized. Bitcoin allows two people to pay each other without going through a third party. The concept was introduced following the 2008 financial crises and has since gained a lot of momentum and adoption.

The initial price of a Bitcoin which has a limited supply of just 21 millions coins was cents. The value has since risen to as high as $2,800+ and the current value now can be seen here. Needless to say early adopters of Bitcoin made an extremely large amount of wealth, as the currency gained a bigger community. One of my favourite stories as it fascinated me the most – and was the story that in fact introduced me to Bitcoin back in late 2013 – was of a Norwegian man who purchased $27 worth of Bitcoin to find its value worth nearly $900k four years later.

After reading that article I knew there and then that crypto-currency what ever it was, is a space that I need to be a part of and understand; if I have any hope of being financially free in this world. Any thing that can turn a $27 worth of investment into $10.4 million (if he held all those Bitcoins until today) is an opportunity that has opened the doors wide to make anyone no matter their status in society extremely wealthy. Even people on benefits and unemployed can potentially change their lives to become financially free through the world of crypto-currency.

There has been no other opportunity in my life-time that I know of that has given such high returns on investment than the world of crypto-currency. And they all tend to have a starting price that is affordable to everyone.

Bitcoin Alternatives

With that being said after the success of Bitcoin many alternatives have been introduced onto the market. The market is now saturated with hundreds of crypto-currency coins. Many of them are just dead end coins that really do not stand a chance to have any real future potential. Finding a coin early from them that does is not easy, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but by not knowing what a needle looks like (i.e. how to detect solid long-term coins) you would never know if you just threw one pass you.

And just as easy as it is for people to make a lot of money in the world of crypto-currency by backing the right coin. It is just as easy for people to lose a lot of money too by backing any of the hundreds of dead end coins on the market.

But don’t let that discourage you!

Nobody said achieving financial freedom would be a walk through the park. If that was the case then every lazy Tom, Dick and Harry out there would be financially free today. And the world just does not work like that.

So long as you are willing to learn; and know how to detect solid long-term future potential coins. And are not afraid to risk money that you can afford to lose – because scared money makes no money – in order to potentially achieve so much more in return. Then you should definitely be a part of the exciting opportunity world of crypto-currency.

So long as you understand the basics of crypto-currency, such as:

  • What are they?
  • How to use them (i.e. store, buy and sell)?
  • What gives them value?
  • What are the factors to determine whether a coin has long-term future potential or not?

By the time you have finished reading this post I am going to give you a free crypto-currency opportunity that not only makes easy each of the above points for you, but will help you understand them too. It would allow you to earn daily a crypto-currency asset that ticks all the boxes to be a solid long-term coin that has the future potential to gain tremendous value. It is an opportunity that I wish I had when starting out in the world of crypto-currency and I had no idea what I was doing. Just like the Norwegian man who bought $27 worth of Bitcoin at the right time and held it long-enough to reap huge benefits – if you are a part of this crypto-currency opportunity at the right time (which is now!) and hold your earnings long enough, then you are working toward paving solid ground to achieving financial freedom.

The ADZcoin Concept

Quick Facts About ADZcoin:

1. It is a decentralized digital currency just like Bitcoin but has a different concept

2. It is purchased on the open market which dictates its value

3. It can be used to make payments between two people without a middleman

4. It has a limited supply of just 84 million coins that can ever exist in circulation

5. It has a deflationary supply because coins will be burnt and lost forever giving the coins in circulation much more value due to scarcity

6. It is a coin backed by life-long advertising space giving it real intrinsic value and making it a real asset

7. It is one of the easiest crypto-currency assets to ever earn for free by anybody

8. Buying and selling ADZcoin can easily be done

9. At the moment it is extremely undervalued so makes a lucrative long-term investment opportunity

10. It gains value from demand and it is designed to have a lot of demand against a gradually shrinking supply – so there is no saying how high the value can go!

Due to the amount of competition out there in the crypto-currency world it is not sufficient to be just another Bitcoin. A crypto-currency coin needs to have so much more going for it to stand out amidst the crowd than just be another decentralized payment option. Bitcoin has already taken that spot. Now crypto-currency coins need to be more innovative and creative to give their coins purpose, to be unique, and to attract people. Many crypto-currency projects have now focused on tailoring their coins to attracting specific niches and markets; which is a good thing in working toward having a purpose and being different.

The ADZcoin project has done just that. The concept of ADZcoin is really and truly designed to benefit everyone online, which is what makes it very attractive.

What are ADZcoins?

ADZcoin like most crypto-currency coins is a decentralized currency that can be used to make payments online.

Rather than be a currency though it is more like an investment asset designed to gain constant gradual value in the long-run.

Everyone online can benefit from ADZcoin because it is backed by a viral news site social media platform called ADZbuzz, which offers lucrative earning opportunities and benefits to its community members. ADZbuzz is the unique, innovative and creative platform that would give ADZcoin a community and a purpose. It would be a platform that easily gradually attracts millions of users to ADZcoin.

Here are some of the types of people that can earn and benefit from ADZcoin on ADZbuzz:

Regular web users:

These are the majority of people online who just use the internet for what it is; to search for information and enjoy their social media accounts. Regular web users who probably already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. can join the ADZbuzz community and get paid daily in ADZcoin for discovering news online. ADZbuzz will attract many of them because it is a fun news site with interesting content, has a growing helpful community and pays out daily free ADZcoins as a bonus.


These are people that spend money on online advertising and marketing campaigns. Advertisers spend billions on marketing on social media alone. Well on ADZbuzz it has done something that is unprecedented; never been done before. It has backed ADZcoin by free life-long ad-space across the entire ADZbuzz network. What that basically means is that people who own or earn ADZcoin is in possession of life-long ad-space. Hence, buying or selling ADZcoin is basically trading free ad-space.

Advertisers can use those ADZcoins to advertise for life while still having 100% full ownership of their coins (i.e. the advertising is free). This unique benefit of ADZbuzz is going to be a game changer in the long run once the advertising world becomes aware of it. All the ADZbuzz company has to do is focus on improving their ad-server and making it high-quality for the advertisers. Then once advertisers are aware of what ADZbuzz offers and start buying ADZcoins; they would never sell them again to be able to continually benefit from free life-long advertising campaigns.


Publishers are the people that publish content online such as bloggers. Two main things a publisher wants or needs is traffic to their content and a monetization stream to their site. ADZbuzz has created a free tool called the ADZlink designed to give publishers those two main things. Every publisher online wants traffic and many of them would be more than happy to have an extra passive income stream too.

The ADZlink is already gaining gradual momentum and more adoption by publishers online.

You can learn more about the ADZlink and how to gain access to it as a publisher here.

Affiliate Marketers:

Affiliate marketers are people who join an opportunity and promote it. They just have to share the business opportunity with others and not have to worry about actually creating the business. Well ADZbuzz has a very lucrative affiliate program too that would attract many people who are opportunity seekers and want to go the extra mile by turning ADZbuzz into a business.

It is possible to build a nice long-term passive income stream on ADZbuzz, and many affiliate marketers are already not wasting time by getting to work and building their business. You can earn so much more by sharing ADZbuzz with others.

Passive Income Seekers:

Who does not want to have a passive income?

Building a passive income stream is like rule number one for everyone that wants to achieve financial freedom. ADZbuzz makes it extremely easy for everyone that earns, buys or owns ADZcoins to be able to use them in order to generate a passive income stream in ADZcoin.

Because ADZcoin is backed by life-long ad-space, ADZbuzz has set up a system to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the ad-space that they own. Non-advertisers have the option to opt-into a done-for-you (DFY) system whereby ADZbuzz would utilize the ad-space that they own to make money from it, and then share the revenue from any sales made with the participants. This is a 100% passive income and a very easy way to passively earn more ADZcoins by benefiting from the ad-space that you own via the DFY-system.

Many people will keep their ADZcoins locked up long-term in the DFY-system, because of the passive income stream that they can easily earn from owning ADZcoins instead of selling them.


Investors only care about one thing and that is a return on their investment. They want to invest in something that has solid future potential to give them a return on their seed money spent.

ADZcoin as a crypto-currency out of all of them is probably one of the most attractive for investors long-term. Crypto-currency can be a very volatile market as people buy and sell their coins. But ADZcoin has a few long-term systems behind it to make it a gradually constantly growing coin in value, while at the same time a gradually shrinking supply coin too.

ADZcoin is designed to be an asset that has constant demand and a shrinking supply. This is a unique set up that is extremely favourable to long-term investors of ADZcoin. It is this long-term set up that would ensure ADZcoin has the potential to reach double digits, and even triple digits in value in the future. And considering the price of ADZcoin now is still at cents; it is really an opportunity for every savvy investor that understands how this all works.

I personally invest in ADZcoin because the price it is now makes it the best timing to gain the largest returns on my investment by buying into the coin at cents (current value today $0.024). Owning ADZcoin to me is equivalent to owning a share of the ADZbuzz company. If ADZbuzz is successful than my stake (i.e. my ADZcoins amount) would gain tremendous value. I am more than happy to take that risk with money that I can afford to lose, and be in the playing field to potentially be a part of another great transfer of wealth in the world of crypto-currency. I missed the Bitcoin train because I had no clue it even existed, until the coin was worth a few hundred dollars. I would be a fool to know about ADZcoin and miss this one too, with the amount of potential this extremely currently undervalued coin has ahead of it.

However, one of the great benefits about ADZbuzz is that it gives people the opportunity to earn ADZcoins easily for free without having to even invest. So there is really no excuse for anyone to miss owning a piece of the ADZbuzz ad-space (i.e. ADZcoins). It is a valuable asset with solid long-term potential.

Below is a screenshot of the ADZcoins that I have earned for free on ADZbuzz (i.e. no money was spent investing in these coins):

Hopefully now you should have some understanding and see how the ADZbuzz viral news site is what makes ADZcoin unique and different in the crypto-currency world. And how it will attract many kinds of people. ADZbuzz will make ADZcoin gradually stand out as a long-term investment with a solid foundation and good future potential.

ADZcoin’s Long-Term Value Potential

Crypto-currency in general gains value by one simple law and that is supply and demand. From demand and having a limited supply of just 21 million coins is what has been the reason behind the price rise of Bitcoin; from cents to being worth thousands of dollars.

This is why investing in a good crypto-currency coin has the potential to change your life and holding fiat currency never will. Fiat currency gradually depreciates in value due to having an unlimited printed supply; causing it’s purchasing power to be loss through inflation of prices. This is contrast to many crypto-currency coins (not all) which mostly have limited supplies.

It is the same concept behind what gives precious metals value and that is supply vs. demand. Savvy investors also save their money in gold and silver to safeguard their wealth from the destructive nature of inflation. Because what tends to happen when inflation is eating away at peoples savings or when the fiat monetary system is on the verge of collapsing, is that people will rush into buying precious metal to store their wealth’s value. This causes epic demand for a limited substance which causes the prices to rise exponentially making earlier investors wealthy . It has happened before and will happen again, so precious metal is also a solid long-term investment and has always been a way to safeguard your wealth from the collapse of fiat currencies throughout history.

Back to Bitcoin – it was the first of it’s kind to introduce the innovation of a decentralized currency. It had first mover advantage and tested the waters for other alternative coins to see whether the concept would take off. And it did, and is still doing so. The demand for Bitcoin gradually grew and so has it’s value.

But alternative coins in order to attract demand today must really stand out and put something to the table that no body in their right mind would say no to when it’s presented. It is not enough to be just another Bitcoin clone with different specs anymore.

So let’s focus on ADZcoin and why this coin ticks all the boxes to have serious demand. One thing is for sure the ADZcoin development team really understands the factors that a coin needs to have, in order to help it have long-term success and stand a chance in today’s crypto-world.

ADZcoin’s Long-term Factors to Give the Coin Constant Demand

To learn more about the factors that would give ADZcoin demand and value read this.

ADZcoin has so many individual factors that when put altogether working in synergy it would be absolutely insane. Even Bitcoin and the other alternative coins that have gained success do not offer the systems and features that ADZcoin has behind it.

Once you really understand the potential this coin has and how right now the coin is extremely undervalued – you would buy as much as you can afford. At the moment the current market estimation of the coin’s price is not reflecting the amount of work behind the coin to make it a solid long-term coin.

This to be honest is perfect for you still right now, as the window of opportunity to get in on ADZcoin while the prices are still dirt cheap is still wide open.

The market can easily correct itself and it would in due time, but for now ADZcoin still remains a low key coin, while the development team are focused on building solid long-term foundations that would make ADZcoin an established coin in the crypto-world. Once major developments are ready it would be easy to heavily promote and have the market give the coin it’s real worth in value.

There are numerous crypto-currency coins that have no solid long-term foundation built, but they focused heavily on marketing and gaining funding – their prices are higher than ADZcoin – with bubble prices. Because of the hype and excitement surrounding the coin the market has given the coins value beyond their actual worth making them a bad time to buy into. With those coins what usually tends to happen is the price eventually does a huge drop as the hype and excitement dies down; as there is not much development ready to maintain the coin’s value. Leaving people who bought in at the top end in loss until the coin gains genuine momentum again.

Now ADZcoin has done things completely differently. Rather than focus on heavy marketing and promotions of their not so ready coin. They have been mostly focusing on developments first; creating a system that would ensure ADZcoin gains continuous value once heavy marketing and promotions begin. They are making sure they are ready first to meet the crowd coming in; instead of doing things back to front. This is why at the moment the market price does not reflect the actual value of the coin based on all the developments so far. ADZcoin is extremely undervalued and our community are well aware of it.

So what are the factors the ADZcoin Project has been diligently working on these past few months to ensure the coin has long-term success:

Improving Ways to Make ADZcoin Go Viral And Mainstream

The success of ADZbuzz is basically the success of ADZcoin. The ADZbuzz viral news site social media platform is constantly being worked on to improve the features and to make it a popular mainstream platform.

ADZbuzz is going to play a major role in growing the ADZcoin community exponentially. In introducing people who have never owned a crypto-currency in their life to earning free ADZcoins, and learning about them through a medium that they are familiar with (i.e. social media).

Growing a community supporting a crypto-coin is really important as it is what helps gives the coin value and demand. And what better way is there to grow a huge viral community other than through social media itself. ADZbuzz can easily have more users than there are ADZcoins in existence. The total maximum supply of ADZcoins that can ever exist is 84 million coins, and ADZbuzz can definitely have over 100+ million users.

That means there would be more demand for the coin than there is even enough to give each user 1 ADZcoin each, so people that are currently holding thousands of ADZcoins they know full well that those coins are bound to be worth more than cents.

One of the major hurdles crypto-currency coins face is going mainstream but ADZbuzz will help ADZcoin go mainstream much easily, and gain huge demand too all in due time. And because it has a lucrative affiliate program everyone that joins will want to share it with others, and that would be a catalyst to help the platform go viral too.

Below is a screenshot of just the top 14 active affiliates and how many people they have brought to ADZbuzz in the past few months alone. And this is frankly just the beginning, once new people understand the potential of ADZbuzz and ADZcoin they would not only want to earn it for free – but also invest in it too as an asset.

Making ADZcoin Attractive to Everyone

I have already touched on this topic and explained the different kinds of people that will be able to benefit from ADZcoin.

ADZcoin will have demand from investors, publishers, advertisers and even passive income seekers. Social media platforms can make billions of pounds through selling advertising. Just imagine the demand that will come from advertisers alone as ADZbuzz continues to grow – they would be able to advertise on the platform for free and for life simply by owning ADZcoin.

The advertising world alone could give ADZcoin’s millions of dollars worth of demand continuously. Because ADZcoin has real purpose and usage that is beneficial to advertisers and could help them save lots of money too. Thus, the intrinsic value of ADZcoin is bound to increase directly proportionate to the quality of the ADZbuzz advertising and the growth of the community. And this is exactly what ADZbuzz is focusing on growing their community and improving their ad-severs.

Building External Revenue Streams to Buy ADZcoin

The ADZcoin project is going the extra mile to guarantee constant demand for ADZcoin. By doing something that no other crypto-currency project has done. Generally crypto-currency projects rely on people to see potential in what they are doing and to invest and support the coin in order to give it demand. However, not only is ADZcoin relying on people to see potential in their project, but they have stepped it up a bit to ensure ADZcoin has long-term guaranteed constant demand.

They have done this by focusing on building external revenue streams that accepts fiat currency as a form of payment. These revenue streams will be used to also buy ADZcoin on the open market (i.e. giving ADZcoin constant demand). This means that ADZcoin will always have guaranteed demand from the ADZcoin Project itself. And as the revenue of their external income streams increases so would the amount of ADZcoins they constantly purchase daily on the market. Which would constantly gradually push the price of ADZcoin upwards.

For investors in ADZcoin or anyone that is earning or holding them then this is an amazing system. As people would always have a guaranteed buyer for their coins (i.e. the ADZcoin Project), and not only that they know with a system like this their investment is bound to gain value long-term. And this is not even taking into consideration the people who will be buying ADZcoins alongside the ADZcoin Project too.

Here are a list of some of the businesses that the ADZcoin Project is working on:

ADZbuzz Savers – Price Comparison Site

Services Marketplace – Fiverr Jobs site

Shops Marketplace – Etsy Type Site

Tifostarter – Football News Site And Tifo Crowdfunding For Fans

Website Marketplace – Flippa Type Site

Digital Marketplace – Selling Themes And Scripts

ADZbuzz Freelancers – Marketplace For Projects

ADZbuzz Hosting – Buy Domain Names and Web Hosting

ADZbuzz Training Center – Training Membership site

ADZbuzz Crowdfunding – Pledge For ADZ Projects

ADZbuzz Exchange – An Exchange Platform to Buy and Sell ADZcoin

And there are many more to come in the future too!

Shrinking the Supply of ADZcoin

ADZcoin will have a shrinking supply as this is one of the major features of ADZcoin. The ADZcoin Project will use 50% of the profit revenue that they generate from their external income streams to constantly buy ADZcoins on the open market and then burn them. The other 50% would be used to buy ADZcoins and distribute them to the ADZbuzz community members.

This is a long-term feature of ADZcoin that would cause the supply of the coin to gradually shrink from circulation. The total amount of ADZcoin that can ever be mined is 84 millions coins and the current circulating supply of ADZcoin is around 55 million coins (you can check here). Already 47,188 ADZcoins have been burned from circulation and this is only going to increase daily as the ADZcoin Project builds it’s revenue streams.

This feature along side the demand that ADZcoin will have is not only going to ensure that ADZcoin eventually has a high dollar value, but it would also cause ADZcoin to have a gradual constantly growing dollar value too. This makes ADZcoin one of the most attractive long-term crypto-currency investment assets for people to own.

Just remember ADZbuzz has the viral potential to have millions of users wanting ADZcoin (i.e. demand), and there could one day be a day where there is even less ADZcoin in existence than Bitcoin’s 21 million total supply. Just imagine the price of the asset ADZcoin then.

The Conclusion

Do you really think ADZcoin with all the benefits, systems and features behind it will not be worth easily $10+ in the future?

I have been following this project long enough to have seen the improvements and to know that the team behind this project are serious and 100% committed to making ADZcoin and ADZbuzz a real success.

The community is growing nicely and we are all excited about the potential of this project and where it is going. We have seen our suggestions taken on board by the admin team, and the constant active direct communication between the CEO of the project and the community has instilled great confidence in us.

I see this unique crypto-currency opportunity as a means of me achieving financial freedom. And I am not the only one either. Everyone who has been following this project, and understands what is being built here feels the same way. I have invested in ADZcoins – so I have put my money where my mouth is as I am not afraid to take a risk with money that I can afford to lose. I would rather be in the playing field and stand to gain or lose than miss the opportunity altogether and feel regret the rest of my life.

All I can tell you is that in the world of crypto-currency cents can turn to dollars at the drop of a hat. ADZcoin may be a low key coin now while major developments are still on-going, but I don’t think it would be forever. So timing is everything with crypto-currency. And right now, the market value of ADZcoin does not reflect what has been built behind the coin already. This makes ADZcoin an extremely undervalued dirt cheap coin at the moment that is ideal for every savvy investor.

If you see long-term potential in ADZcoin then I strongly recommend that you invest into some while they are still priced at cents, and if you can’t even afford to do that then earn them for free on ADZbuzz and build a free passive income stream on the platform too. Personally, I buy ADZcoins, earn them for free and building a passive income stream in ADZcoins too. Because I am a long-term investor that see’s the huge future potential in the project and the price of ADZcoin is still extremely cheap. This to me is a once in a life-time opportunity – I probably would never come across another opportunity on a plate placed in front of me like it again.

So I am hitting the ground running with this one and making no excuses!

If you are interested in investing in some ADZcoin and/or earning them for free then you can easily do so on ADZbuzz. Click the join button below and be a part of the growing community today. Think about it… what do you have to lose by earning it for free or investing in a coin that is currently worth cents? Absolutely nothing. Now think about what can you potentially gain if ADZbuzz really takes off and you started today?